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REVIEW: Britannica, the New Kids Magazine for Curious Young Minds

Britannica is a New Monthly Magazine that has just launched for children aged 6 and upwards. It is full of brain boggling extraordinary facts and true-life stories, keep reading to find out what our panel of kids really thought about it.

Most parents can relate to that sinking tummy feeling paired with the words “Ummm…?” followed by the wry smile before you have to admit, “Sorry dear, I don’t know”

Yes, it’s that daily grind of fielding the famous …. But Why?  Questions from your little inquisitive mini me.

Well, we think this brand-new magazine that has just been launched, which is in collaboration with Encyclopedia Britannica could be a bit of a god send as it seems the perfect tonic for kids who are hungry for learning something new every day.


What’s Britannica Magazine for Kids All About

Britannica Magazine for kids is a 52 page monthly magazine for all curious minds. It’s a non-fiction magazine that’s been created with kids aged seven to eleven year olds in mind, but we think it will be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Filled with awesome photography and cool illustrations Britannica Magazine can help your child become an expert in a whole range of fascinating topics, such as space, animals, inventions and weird but true facts.

Every issue is not only full of facts, but has quirky lists in the listified section, quizzes, puzzles, jokes and even some recipes to get creative with.  It’s really cleverly put together so to try and inspire children to find a love of learning and reading.


Inside April’s Launch Issue

April Cover

April’s launch issue is hitting the shelves now, and it is themed around Earth’s Invasive Species, so kids can learn all about the animals that rule our planet, as well as some of the weirdest creatures on our planet.


In celebration of Earth Day on the 22nd of April this issue also has a really interesting piece about March of the trees. Explaining how and why forests move, as well as some of the problems forests are facing due to global warming

March of trees

There is also a fab literature piece in honour of Shakespeare Day which is on the 23rd April. It gives kids an A to Z of the words that were either invented or introduced by the great playwriter William Shakespeare.


As well of plenty lists of cool facts, quizzes, puzzles and even a Dancing Raisins experiment your littles ones can try them self at home.

Dancing Rasins


Where to Get Your Child a Copy of Britannica Magazine

Britannica Magazine is going to be published 10 times a year, so mainly monthly, but then there will be a bumper double issue in July and December, so perfect fit for the Summer and Christmas school holidays.

Britannica Magazine can be found on the shelves of WH Smith and Martin MacCalls stores and is selling for £5.99

However, if you don’t live near to either of these shops or simply want to just make life easier you can subscribe to this magazine and have it delivered direct to your door.

There are a few different options you can select from for subscriptions:-

  • Monthly Plan – You can select a simple month by month option which is £5.99 a month that includes delivery. You get free digital editions, and you can cancel whenever you wish to. With this plan you can even get your first month issue free by typing the word FREE into the discount code box.
  • 6 Month Plan – This subscription offers a discount in price at £29.99 every 6 months, making it £4.99 per issue. You again get free digital editions, and you also get a free gift of a Britannica’s FACTopia book worth £10.
  • 12 Month Plan – This subscription offers a discount in price at £59.99 every 12 months, making it £4.99 per issue. You again get free digital editions, and you also get a free gift of a Britannica’s Children’s Encyclopedia book worth £25.


Would we Recommend Britannica Magazine for Your Family?

20220408 170321

When you look around the kid’s magazine shelves in the shops you can see there is clearly a gap in the market for this type of monthly read for your little ones and even the kids vocalised how good it was to have a different fact filled style magazine to read rather then just cartoons or something linked to a character off a tv shows.

We were gifted a copy of these first editions of this new Britannica Magazine for kids in return for our honest opinion of what we thought of them, and we have to say we loved how there is a real good mix of animal , space, literature, history and general knowledge facts in each issue. Along with fun puzzles and quizzes at the back to make its not all too serious. The content is such as broad mix of interests and likes it makes it an interesting read for lots of different kids of all different ages. To be fair some of the facts even got the parents fascinated by them too!

We found all the kids related well with each page, and we are thinking this is heavily down to the fun page designs, with bright colours and info block layouts making it less overwhelming to read.

We are huge fans of subscription boxes and magazines for the kids, not only does it give parents and grandparents a fuss free way of gifting a practical present to kids, it’s also exciting for the little ones to get mail through the door each week or month and they love having a present that lasts long after their birthday or Christmas day.

So, goes without saying we love that this magazine comes on a subscription-based option but even more so that it has a variety of subscription options allowing for all different family budgets, which is handy the way living costs are creeping up at the minute!

We would totally recommend that families check out this New Britannica Magazine for kids as a fun educational non screen based read and can for sure see it being a new favourite for many kids this year, as it will definitely have a wow to every page they turn.




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