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Review: Paint Pop Paint Sticks

If your little one loves painting and doodling, then these bright colourful Paint Pop Paint Sticks promises a mess free creative fun option easy to take on your travels this summer as a family.

Recently we have been sent some Paint Pop Paint Sticks that are designed for kids to have some painting fun without the need for water or brushes, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and if we think they are worth adding to your family’s art supplies.

Paint Pop Paint Sticks are paints that are housed in a glue-like stick which your child just needs to take the lid off and twist the paint up and down as needed. The sticks are a nice and chunky designed to make it easier for little hands to hold and create masterpieces with and they are easy to get arty with as the paint just glides when you use them.


What’s Inside the Box

paint pop paint sticks

Inside the Paint Pop Paint Sticks Fun Tub, you will find:

  • 20 Paint Pop Paint Sticks – 12 Classic, 6 Neon colours and 2 Metallic colours
  • Practical storage solution, with carry handle for convenience


Inside the Paint Pop Paint Sticks 24 Pack, you will find:

  • The set contains 24 assorted Paint Pop Paint Sticks: 12 Classic, 6 Neon colours and 6 Metallic colours


Benefits of Art for Kids

Our family has a huge art supplies cupboard, and we are always encouraging the kids to join us in some art time around the kitchen table or on the flagstones in the garden, as we think that Art is an important part of childhood which can offer some awesome benefits for kids.

Some of the benefits we have seen with our kids includes:

  • Growing their creativity levels and helping them think outside the box to solve problems.
  • Expanding their imagination as they draw or build something from it.
  • Builds their fine motor skills, as they have to hold pencils and brushes, draw lines and dots, mix colours, twist up glue sticks or cut with scissors.
  • Helps kids connect with others, it is a fab ice breaker to letting little ones make new friends as its an equal level activity for them all.
  • Also, there are lots of skills they can master, by completing art projects it can build on their confidence levels and it can really help them express who they are and what emotions they are feeling and help them deal with life’s stresses.


Some Summer Art Ideas with Paint Pop Paint Sticks

One of the things we love about Paint Pop Paint Sticks is how travel friendly they are, light and compact to pop in a bag and easy to use makes them perfect for taking with you on summer road trips, camping trips or family picnic.

Paint Pop Paint Sticks can be used on all different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, glass, pebbles and even leaves.

painted pebbles

And they can be used to help your little one develop different art techniques such as blending colours, dotting or stamping.

Paint Pop Sticks Paper Drawings

We have had all the kids putting these Paint Sticks to the test via so many little projects, from painting rainbows on our paper, to painting pebbles from the beach.


Where to Buy Paint Pop Paint Sticks

This Paint Pop Paint Sticks Fun Tub is on sale for £12.99 from Very here.  The Paint Pop Paint Sticks 24 Pack is on sale for £15.99 from Very here and they are both aimed at children aged 3 years and older.


Would we Recommend Paint Pop Paint Sticks to Your Family?

Rainbow painting

As parents we love how hassle free these paint pop paint sticks are, they really do take the stress out of crafting sessions, with little prep needed and no messy brushes to clean after, or water to wipe up as kids spill it.

We were so impressed by the versatility of Paint Pop Paint Sticks as they can be used successfully on so many different surfaces and when the younger kids felt the needs as they do most times, when painting, to cover half their arms and legs in paint and we loved how easy it was to wash it off them. All the paints are water-soluble and non-toxic, and all its refreshing to see that the packs and tubes are recyclable.

The ease Paint Pop Paint Sticks bring to any arty activity is fab, with by far the best part being that the paint dries in less than 60 seconds, so paint does not end up everywhere as well as limiting the chance of a picture being ruined. We can see how these will work great for kids’ homework projects too so might be worth stocking up in time for back-to-school time.

We think that Paint Pop Paint Sticks really do offer families a fun mess free way of painting and we would totally recommend it to families to check out as an excellent addition to their art supplies collection.



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