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Welsh Language Calendar is Great Learning Resource for Kids

If you have a little one that is at the stage of learning all about the days, months and season then we have come across an eye-catchingly pretty Welsh Language Calendar that could be a great learning resource for your family.

We have recently been gifted one of the New Helo Heddiw! Magnetic Welsh Calendar to test run with our little ones, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts of what we thought of it with our readers.


Easy to Set Up

This Magnetic Daily Welsh Calendar is really easy to set up with the kids, all the pieces are easy enough for little hands to pop out of the holders they come in.


Welsh Language Calendar set up


Also, they are chunky enough for little hands to manage to arrange them on the calendar each day.


Welsh Language Calendar Easy to Use


The whole back of the calendar has a super strong magnetic side to it, so you can easy use it on the front of your fridge or freezer.


Welsh Language Calendar magnetic back


However, if your fridge and freezer fronts are anything like our house and double as the home for all the kids artwork then not to worry as this Welsh Daily Calendar also comes with a robust coloured cord so you can hang it on the wall, or on the side or front of a cabinet or other piece of furniture.


Welsh Language Calendar hanging cord


The Sections on the Calendar


Welsh Language Calendar is Great Learning Resource for Kids


There are quite a few sections on this brightly coloured calendar, that your little one can rearrange everyday including: –

  • Day of the Week
  • Date
  • Month of the Year (these are coloured coded to match the seasons, so you can see which month is in which season)
  • Seasons of the Year
  • Weather for the Day
  • Temperature for the Day


Where to Buy this Helo Heddiw! Magnetic Welsh Calendar

Helo Heddiw! Magnetic Welsh Calendar is suitable for children over 3 years old and it is available from the Fiesta Crafts website here and are on sale for £19.99


Would we Recommend Helo Heddiw! Magnetic Welsh Calendar to Your Family?

We found this Helo Heddiw! Magnetic Welsh Calendar to be very well made, the magnetic backing was super strong, the cord robust and the pieces a good size and easy to move for little ones.

We used this wall chart style calendar daily with our little one as a fun activity as an add on to their learning, it is a really good educational resource to not only learn the Welsh language, but also to help get their heads around the days of the week, months, weather, temperatures and seasons.

After using it daily we did see for ourselves how through daily repetition paired with this playful visual aid really helped it all sink in with our little one, so absolutely we would recommend this to other families who are looking for this kind of support for your kids. We also thought it could be a fab idea as a gift for a friend or family and even something a bit different for a new baby or 1st birthday present.



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