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REVIEW: Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shakes

We always seem to struggle to find the time to fit in breakfast for ourselves and it got us thinking that this is probably not just an “us” problem and that other parents are probably dealing with this too. So, we thought we would check out these Nutribuddy Shakes to see if they could be our new go to solution and share with you how we got on.

It’s not that our tummy isn’t rumbling as we run around like mad in the morning, making the kids packed lunches, trying to find that one lost shoe or the car keys that have been sitting on the kitchen island since last night but miraculously have disappeared now that we need them.

It’s just we seem to subconsciously always prioritise other aspects of our busy family life over our own health. Its, therefore, no surprise that when we were kindly sent some Nutribuddy products for us to review in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers, that we got rather excited by the thought of potentially having a low hassle but healthy meal option for us to add to our life.


What is Nutribuddy?

Nutribuddy is a British company that makes vegan products with the environment in mind. They offer shakes that use natural wholefoods, which can provide people with a healthy convenient. alternative to sit down meals.


Nutribuddy Breakfast Shakes we Tested

We have been sent a box full of goodies from Nutribuddy to test run which included:

  • 14 days of Strawberry with Matcha Green Tea Smooth Breakfast Shake
  • 14 days of Vanilla Crunchy with Crunchy Flaxseeds & Coconut Flakes Breakfast Shake
  • 14 days of Eco PlantMilk
  • Glass reusable jar to hold the breakfast shake in
  • Metal measuring spoon
  • Shaker bottle


LATEST NEWS REVIEW Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shakes Bundle


The shakes are super easy to make, you literally just have to pop a few scoops of the breakfast shake powder into your shaker bottle, then add more scoops of your Eco Plantmilk add water and shake. We used our filtered water from the fridge as we wanted it to be cold, but you can use bottled or straight from the tap it is up to you.

Just so we could try other taste options we did swap out the Eco PlantMilk and water to also try the breakfast shakes with Koko Dairy Free Milk, Alpro Soya Milk and Tesco unsweetened Almond Milk and they all tasted equally as good.

The shaker bottle comes with a unique spring like ball inside it, which is to help mix your powder with the liquid, so it’s important to leave it in your shaker and you can use it to mix your shake over the duration of you drinking it and not just for the initial mix.

The measuring scoop is a godsend as its such a fuss free way to measure out the powder and universal in that you can use if for your breakfast shake and Eco Plantmilk.

The measuring scoop is metal, and the reusable breakfast holder is a glass jar, so both give a refreshing nod to a more eco-friendly way of living and Nutribuddy have also said that they are working towards using a more eco-friendly package option for your refill of shakes to arrive in.


Convenient Nutrition

The easy to make Nutribuddy Vegan Shakes can provide you with a complete meal on-the-go.

These shakes are low in calories, gluten free, with only a very low amount of natural sugars in it and plenty of protein. In fact, these vegan shakes can give you a higher quality amino acid profile compared to animal products.

Nutribuddy shakes are not just supplements, they are truly nutritious real food. With the help of a leading UK nutritionist Nutribuddy have managed to put a blend together that does not use artificial vitamins, but instead they pride themselves on only using nutritious wholefoods.

This all means that these Nutribuddy plant-based powders are not only natural and vegan but they are also completely pregnancy and new mum friendly, that even includes if your are a breastfeeding mum.


Comes with a Happiness Guarantee

What is really neat about this UK company Nutribuddy is that they are so focused on their customers being happy, that great customer service is as important to them, as having great products is and that’s why they offer all customers a happiness guarantee.

Always thriving for 100% customer satisfaction, Nutribuddy happiness guarantee offers buyers a risk-free experience.

In reality what this means is that when you buy your product from Nutribuddy website, if you’re not loving it, then they will accept it back, even if its opened, just as long as its within 31 days of your order date.

You will then have the choice once you send it back to opt for trying a different flavour or exchanging the value of the product into Nutribuddy points so to try something else.


Would we Recommend Nutribuddy to Your Family?

We have never tried anything quite like these breakfast shakes before, so we were a bit worried about the taste being a bit artificial, but we can honestly say they are not.

The Breakfast shakes we tested did not taste chalky or powder like at all and they were not too strong for first thing in the morning, so perfect for a breakfast alternative.


LATEST NEWS REVIEW Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Shakes Powder


The strawberry shake was not too sweet and not overpowering. It was definitely a recognisable strawberry flavour and mixed with the Eco Plantmilk was our favourite mix.

The vanilla shake we were sent was the chunky version, and for our personal preference it was a bit too chunky, we are one of those type of people that are not huge fans of bits in their fruit juice! Yup guilty lol….. However we did find a solution as we just popped the shake into the blender for a few seconds and it was perfect for us after that. Taste wise it was lovely and probably due to the oat’s ingredients it reminded us a little of a very yummy porridge like taste with a vanilla twist, yet again not too overpowering.

The Breakfast shakes do come in other flavours, they have Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla in smooth and crunchy version as well as a plain flavour.

Out of interest we did taste the Eco Plantmilk on its own just to see what it was like as we are a fan of non-dairy milk anyway and we have to say it tastes good, oaty and we tried it will hot chocolate and it was lovely and we also tried it in our cup of tea, maybe wont bother with that again but the hot chocolate was yummy!

Because these shakes actually use real wholefoods and have zero artificial ingredients in them, they can be used successfully as ingredients to make other meals and treats such as cookies or desserts. There is a load of recipes you can follow on the Nutribuddy website but honestly we didn’t try any out.

We loved the transparency of this company as you can go onto their website and select any of their shakes and they give you a full list of ingredients that are in the shakes and a detailed breakdown of the nutritional goodness inside them, which could be handy for anyone who might be calorie counting.

In fact, these vegan, gluten free shakes can be used for weight loss if anyone is interested in that. We were more interested in getting back into a good habit of eating breakfast, but Nutribuddy do meal replacement shakes as well as these breakfast ones and a lot of people have used these to get rid of some unwanted pounds and as they are safe for breastfeeding mums, we can see how they could be super useful for getting back to pre-baby body if that’s what you looking for.

Overall, we have to say we just loved these shakes, for us it took a few minutes to mix up in the morning, even quicker than making a coffee and we could then easily sip away as we got the kids ready for school and on the days we didn’t finish the shake before school run, we found it so convenient to just take the bottle with us and added bonus it fitted perfectly into the cup holder of the car!

For us since using these shakes to make sure we are getting in a healthy breakfast to our day, we have found that we are no longer getting that tried mid-morning hit the wall feeling and because of this we decided to have one for our lunch too and the exact same the tiredness around 2pm and during school run was not there, its actually made us realise just how much nutritious meals we were skipping out of our day.

We have really benefited from getting back into a healthy habit especially after such a long lockdown and we have already decided to put in another order to get some more, to which we noticed they have a points and rewards loyalty scheme which gives you money back or you can save further by signing up to a regular subscription.

Incontestably, if you are someone that struggles to find the time to fit in breakfast for yourself, are looking for a delicious healthy breakfast alternative or just looking for an easy way to get back into a routine in the morning, we would 100% recommend that you check out these Nutribuddy Shakes to see if they could be as good for you as they have been for us.



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