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Results When We Took On the ACE Challenge

Here at West Wales Family Life we love a good challenge, specially when it means we get to put products claiming big things to the test and that is exactly why we decided to enter the latest Ace Challenge.

ACE Cleaning products are challenging people to show how much brighter white clothes can get when washed with there New ACE ultra for whites laundry solution, so we thought seeing our kids are mini experts at making dirt stick to their school uniforms everyday this is a challenge we could be good at, so we decided to check this one out!

After deciding we would give it a whirl, we were sent a bottle of Ace Ultra from Brit Mums and got to washing our Whites to see what we could achieve.

Up until now we have never bothered using anything to keep our white clothes white, just washed them in normal bio washing up liquid at a 40°C wash. This is probably why a lot of the time come the next school term we do have to buy new polo shirts for school as they look a bit grey, so thinking ahead if this does work well we could save some money on school uniform!


How to Wash with Ace Ultra Laundry Bleach

There are two ways on the bottle that it explains you can use this Ace Ultra Laundry Bleach; one is in the washing machine and one is by hand.

One is to add the Ace Ultra into the draw of your washing machine that is marked with CL symbol, or if you don’t intend to use the fabric softener in that wash then add it to that draw.

Now we have a big 13kg Hoover washing machine that has the fancy auto dose feature, which means we just pour in the liquid detergent and the fabric softener in the big compartments every two weeks and when you switch the machine on it weighs the load of clothes and then automatically releases the correct amount of detergent and fabric softener based on the weight. It’s a cool little feature that I’m sure has saved us loads of money, but anyways because of this we didn’t want to add this Ace Ultra to the fabric softener compartment as that would mean it would be in there for all the future washes and after all this is a bleach so thinking that was not the best idea.

And as for the CL symbol draw, we don’t think we have this or well we couldn’t find it just our detergent compartment, so no drama we just opted for the hand wash option to play safe.

So, after taking a nano second to find dirty school clothes! We set about following the hand wash instructions which involved pouring some Ace Ultra into water and soaking the clothes in it for 20 – 30 minutes.

We just used the bathroom sink to do this and it also said to pour the liquid direct onto the clothes if the item is a difficult soil, well as you can see from the photos below our daughters white socks are for sure classed as difficult, so we poured some liquid direct onto them. Left them all to soak and then just popped them in to the washing machine to wash as usual.


The Before and After Photos

Before All Items


This is the Before Pictures

School Shirt

Before School Shirt Collar

This is our eldest’s secondary school shirt with grime on the collar and of course random pen on the collar god knows how it’s on there, I tend to not ask


School Socks

Before socks

This is our daughter’s white socks; did you notice they were white? She has a great habit of running around the garden without shoes on after the dogs.


School Polo Shirt

Before School Polo Shirt Stains

This is our daughters school polo shirt that she was told to take off before eating dinner… the dreaded pasta sauce!


And this is the After Pictures

School Shirt

After School Shirt

Super white, got to say all marks completely gone and definitely all over a very noticeable difference in the colour white, so much brighter.


School Socks

After School Socks

Wow…. We were super impressed with this result; we have never had them this clean before. The under side of these sock have always been an off-white stained mess for well over a year, so this is not a recent stain this is months on top of months repeat stains. Now as you can see, they are not like new, but they are unbelievable whiter. So, for sure the one item we were most impressed with the results on.


School Polo Shirt

Errr….. Ok so this is where it gets interesting, cause like many things in our house not everything goes to plan and well when we put our little ones School polo t-shirt in to soak it kind of turned a lovely pink colour around the collar pretty much instantly.


Before Pink Collar one


Now not to panic as again we are used to things not going to plan so tend to not waste the effort on panicking lol…. We just went ahead and left if soak for the half hour and put it in the wash with all the others.

As you can see after that wash all the other pasta sauce and mud scuff had come off no problem and it was in general a load whiter, the pink marks although faded were still there.


Before Pink Collar two


So at this point we popped over to the Ace website which has loads of useful top tips on how to treat stains and help about washing your whites and we quickly found the reason why around the collar had turned a funky pink.

Sun Cream! Yup sounds about right as when the kids take sun cream into school and put it on themselves in the summer weather they never pay attention to keeping it off their clothes and that’s usually why they end up with that yellow / greenish mark around the collar.

Now we didn’t have that mark to start with, so didn’t think for a second, that there was any of the sun cream possibly still left on the t-shirt as it has been washed so many times since the summer, but there obviously was some of the chemical residue left and this is obviously the reason why it has turned pink.

Not to worry, we just followed the instructions on Ace website, which was to simply added some of the Ace ultra to the pink areas, soak again which we did for another 30 mins and then put it in the wash as usual. We put it in on a half load on its own for an hour at 40°C and most of it did go away, we did the exact same for a second time and its all gone, all nice and shinny white.


So, this is our After, After, After Picture

After Shot School Polo Shirt


To be fair though, even though it is essentially a bleach, the smell is lovely and not over powering and even though we had to wash and wash the t-shirt we could see it was definitely gentle on the material.

Something that we found out also was that it does tackle germs, including viruses so that’s something that’s a bonus in the current climate.

All in all we were pretty impressed with the end results, we learnt some fact and will probably buy this again in the future to try and help us save money from not having to replace discoloured school uniform at the start of each new school term. And best of all it is sold in most supermarkets including our local Morrison’s so no hassle in getting our hands on it.

So we finally go there hahaha….. and Now all that’s left is to get our entry in to see if we Win – So “This is our Entry for the #ACEit Challenge” Presenting Our Before and After Shots…..

Before Ace Ultra for Whites

Before All Items

After Ace Ultra for Whites

After Shot All items


Fingers Crossed, Wish us Luck!





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