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REVIEW: Mum’s Office Birthday Book and Mum’s to Do List

Keeping organised as a Parent can be a task and a half, a daily challenge that if you’re not lucky can carry some epic fails like missing your niece’s birthday! Luckily, we were recently sent a Mum’s Office Birthday Book and Mum’s to Do List and asked if we could share our honest opinion of it with our readers which has been a real treat

As much as we have tried to embrace modern technology by using our mobile and tablet to keep us reminded of upcoming family birthdays and things we shouldn’t forget, it’s just not for us. We do love having a pen in our handwriting and ticking of our accomplished tasks as well as some pretty stationery to keep important notes, ideas and even receipts for gifts in case they need to exchange it.


The Mum’s To Do List

First off just to say Mum’s Office do have a Dad’s To Do List as well. It’s an A5 notepad with 48 pages in it with 3 handy sections which are

  • Must Do
  • Should Do
  • If I Get Time

To Do List 1

It has a strong big magnetic strip along the back of the pad which has the strength to stay in place on the front of your Fridge. The paper is a nice thick quality so even if you use a felt tip pens it won’t bleed onto the page underneath.

To Do List 2

We noticed that when you order this To Do List on Mum’s Office website you also get sent a Shopping list notepad that has a section for your daily meal plans and shopping section which is a fab idea as we are always buying ingredients to make certain dishes from our cook books and then completely forget which ones they were for!


Mum’s Birthday Book

This is a lovely A5 hard backed book that you can keep a note of all your friends and family birthdays or anniversaries in.

Birthday book 1

At the front it has a useful guide to anniversary gifts, zodiac dates and birthstones and flowers, which is really good inspiration if you’re stuck for present ideas.

Birthday book 2

Each month is then segregated into sections with a list of birthday dates and you can even a section for date of births, so you never forget old or young someone is going to be. It has a Birthday Card List section for each month with column where you can write the date due by and when you sent them. Then there are present record pages where you can your ideas of what to buy, your budget, if you have bought it, how much it costs and if you received a thank you letter.

Birthday book 3

Right at the back of the book is an additional section for presents received so you can keep a note of who sent you gifts, for what and if you have sent a thank you letter yet.

Birthday book 4

The monthly tabs along the edge of the book has like a protective shiny coating on it to make them a bit more robust to normal wear and tear which we think is such an awesome idea and another ingenious ideas it rather than just one ribbon page mark you get two! But by far the cutest thing is the little silver house and heart embossed on the back of the box.


Who is Mum’s Office

Mum’s Office produce beautiful stationery that many busy families rely on to help put an end to the scheduling chaos of family life.

They have stunning diaries and calendars that have a unique grid format so plenty of space to manage all the kids and parents needs for each day all on one page.

As well as a Mum’s Pregnancy and Baby Diary which is a cute way to journal about all aspects of your pregnancy and baby’s first year.

COMPETITION WIN a Mums Office BLOX Financial Diary and a MUMs Christmas Book

Mum’s Office have also been kind enough to allow us to offer our followers the chance to WIN one of their Awesome BLOX Financial Diary and a MUM’s Christmas Book, so if you want to read more about these items and enter our Free Competition Click Here


Would we Recommend these Products?

Absolutely, it’s a double bonus to have stationery to keep you and your family organised and that looks stylist at the same time.

If you want to see what other stationery items they have to help you and your family pop over to their website for a little look here





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