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REVIEW: New Lenor Outdoorable Fabric Softener

Rainy days stopping you from doing your washing? Well, Lenor might have just launched a new product that could help you. Keep reading to find out what we thought of their New Outdoorable range and how it’s designed to make your washing as Fresh as if they had been dried outside.

With the weather we have been having lately you are probably like us, not been able to have much chance to hang our washing out on the washing line in the garden as much as we would love to. But what if we could introduce you to a new product that promises you the freshness as if your washing had been dried outside.

Lenor Outdoorable is a New Fabric Softener that has just been launched onto the UK laundry cleaning market in 2021 and we have been lucky enough to have been sent a bottle from trnd for our families to review in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.


Line Dried Inside

Lenor are launching something rather special….. Following years of research into how clothes dry when the sun hits fabric, they have now produced a product that is going to give families line dried freshness even when they have to dry them inside.


Lenor Main 1 2


Lenor Outdoorable is a new fabric softener that is not just offering an effective way to keep your fabrics soft and easier to iron, but also a scent that is as fresh as outdoor drying can deliver.

Coming in 840ml bottles suitable for 60 washes this new vibrant range has any easy to pour bottle top that includes a nifty detachable measuring cap so you can be sure to measure just the right amount.


Lenor Cap 2


As well as the added bonus that the softener is an ultra-concentrated formula, so the bottle is a neat size for storage and it’s refreshing to see that the bottle itself has been made from 100% recycled plastic.


Who Knew Fabric Softener could be So Technical?

This New Lenor Outdoorable has some pretty fancy technology behind it’s smell power. It has a unique technology called Solar Dry, which has been designed to copy the effect that sunlight has on clothes when it is drying them and it’s this new technology that manages to give your washing a fresh air-dried feeling even on those days you have to dry them indoors.

Amazingly it also prevents the musty smell you can sometimes get from drying your clothes inside, which we think is pretty darn clever to achieve.


Outdoor Freshness in Three ways

 lenor on yellow towel 2


Lenor Outdoorable is being launched in three different scents which are:

Summer Breeze

This is the scent we have been sent to try out and it does not disappoint, it brings a citrus buttercup summertime smell to your washing.


Spring Awakening

This is one of Lenor’s most popular scent with a breezy and invigorating fragrance that brings a mix of ocean air and musk to your washing.


Pink Blossom

This scent is bursting with aromas of flowers, which will add a fruity fragrance of apple blossom, watermelon and amber to your washing.


In our opinion Lenor has a very distinctive fragrance to their fabric softeners and it is wonderful to see that they remain at the heart of this new Outdoorable range.


Would we Recommend New Lenor Outdoorable to Your Family?

Without a doubt on the occasions when we cannot dry our clothes outdoors and we opt to hang them up to dry on our ceiling pulley clothes airer in our utility room, we can tell the difference. The smell is just not the same, just not as fresh and they do seem not as soft as windblown washing.

Although we must say that this was not the case when we used this new Lenor Outdoorable, the smell was just as fresh and lasted really well after the washing was ironed and folded away.

We also found when we used it on our towels and bedding and dried them in the tumble dryer the smell was fab and strong and they were so soft and not half as wrinkled as usual when we took them out, which was very impressive and compared to our previous fabric softener we have been using it was a vast improvement.

It weirdly did make us feel a bit like our clothes had actually been dried outdoors, rather than inside our utility room.

We feel so lucky to have been asked to try out this New Lenor Outdoorable Fabric Softener as its now for sure going to be our go to for when the weather is yucky and stopping us from outdoor washing line drying.

We would 100% recommend this New range of Fabric Softeners from Lenor to families to try out for themselves as we think they will love it as much as we have.

Lenor Outdoorable is already available at Wilko and is selling for £5 for the 60 washes bottle. Ocado have it on an introductory price of £2.50 for the same size bottle, which is a good bargain to grab if your quick enough. However, it will very soon be hitting the shelves of other retailers too, so keep an eye out for it, if you fancy checking it out.



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