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REVIEW: SMOL Laundry and Dishwasher Products

If you are online as much as we are, many of you will have seen the SMOL Adverts pop up offering a Free Trial of their Laundry Capsules and Dishwasher Tablets, well curiosity got the better of us and we thought we would see what all the hype was about and share our honest thoughts with you

What is SMOL

Just in case you haven’t heard of SMOL before, let’s tell you more about their products.

So basically, SMOL products are a Bio and Non-Bio Laundry Capsules and Dishwasher Tablets that are delivered direct to your door.

Why delivered to your door? Well point of this is supposed to be so you don’t have to forget to buy and run out of these products and they claim that by cutting the middleman (e.g. the shops) out then you will have a cost saving of 50% on these items compared to what you usually buy.


Promoted to be Different

SMOL say that due to their technology you can wash your clothes now with fewer chemicals compared to other laundry capsules with no loss of cleaning performance.

Their packaging is made from both recycled and sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

Their laundry capsules are animal friendly as they have only ever been tested on towels, in fact all their products are cruelty free and they even have been awarded the Leaping Bunny approved mark with their products being 100% free of any animal derived ingredients.


Get a Free Trial of SMOL Laundry and Dishwasher Tablets

All SMOL online adverts encourage you to sign up to a Free Trial of either their Bio, Non-Bio Laundry capsules or their Dishwasher tablets.

Yes, genuinely you do get some products for Free….. Kinda you need to pay £1 postage per item so you can get 9 Free Dishwasher Tablets for £1, Or 9 Laundry Capsules for £1. You can or course sign up to both the laundry and dishwasher products at the same time which is what we did.

However, its worth noting that as you sign up to this Free Trial you are also signing up to a subscription.

SMOL in article 1


Their Subscription Model

So, here’s the part that means you will never forget to buy your dishwasher tablets or laundry capsules again. You sign up to a subscription, so you select how often you want them sent to you from the options of every 1 days to every 168 days (so roughly 5 and it months)  You can change this schedule whenever you want, every day if you really want to.

You can also cancel your subscription whenever you want, and this is important to remember to do this if after your trial you don’t want money taken out your bank account and another box sent to you.

To be Fair you can’t really forget to cancel your subscription as they do send you a remind that your next delivery will be send on “this date” and it gives you time to go into your account and cancel or change the date of delivery if needed.


After the Free Trial

After your trial comes to an end you will receive your next full size box which contains 28 Dishwasher Tablets and they cost £4.20 including delivery, although you can order more than one box at a time, up to 10 at a time if you wish.

The full-size box of the Laundry capsules contains 24 capsules and you need to use 1 capsule for washing machines with a drum size up to 5kg. Then 2 capsules for washing machines with a Drum size larger than 5kg. This full-size box costs £3.85 which includes delivery and similarly you can order up to 10 packs at a time if needed.


Would we Recommend these Products?

Now we have explained all the key facts about SMOL, I bet you really want to know what we thought of them now.

So to set the scene we have a 13kg washing machine Huge I know… we also have messy kids who found it extremely easy, almost second nature to put these laundry capsules to the test, with a mix of dribbled food, crushed in chocolate, mud and the good old grass stain, we also wanted to feel just like a professional, like you see on the telly adverts so we dropped red wine on a t-shirt just to see how they fared…Honest we didn’t spill it lol!

We trialled the Bio laundry capsules and used 2 per load and made sure not to cram too much clothes in. We played fair and tried loads of washes with them as we took the next full box of 24 capsules but I’m sorry to say we have since cancelled our subscription.

The main reason why we cancelled our subscription is simply they never got all the clothes clean. We used these on different cycles from 40 to 60 degrees but same result.

Specifically, the grass stains from cricket never came clean, the red wine did but we all know the labelled “washable kids paint” isn’t always that washable and in this instance, these capsules we found did not wash them clean.

The second reason is the smell, there isn’t much of it and what there is doesn’t really smell that great and most certainly doesn’t keep your clothes smelling fresh over time.

Now this is totally a personal preference thing and I’m sure some people will love their smell. But for us we like our clothes to still smell fresh days after you washed them when you go to put them on, but after putting them in your draw a day or so later they don’t smell that great.

We know it says that along side these capsules you are supposed to still use your fabric softener, so not sure if our preferred fabric softener didn’t mix well with these capsules’ smells or something but we just found the smell is a weird one not one we really liked to be honest.

We did email the company explaining about them not cleaning the clothes well and the smell and the reply we got although super-fast was not very useful, they basically implied our machine was dirty with a build up of gunk in it and that we should look to run a cleaner through it to resolve the problem. We may have believed this reply it we hadn’t only just bought our washing machine a few weeks earlier hahaha, so instead we just cancelled our subscription as they just aren’t right for us and our mucky kiddie winkles!

But its not all doom and gloom as we also trialled the Dishwasher Tablets and we are still subscribed to these, they are Awesome.

They advertise that they have created the most effective concentrated dishwash tablet in the world and we can’t fault them. There simply has been nothing that they haven’t been able to clean, and the smell is fine. Best of all it has built in rinse aid so you really are saving with these.

In the past we have used finish, fairy, ecover and shop own brands but can honestly say that these SMOL Dishwasher Tablets are better than them all.

For us here at West Wales Family Life the end conclusion is NO we wouldn’t recommend the Bio Laundry Capsules but YES we would totally recommend the SMOL Dishwasher tablets, hope this review has given you a bit more of an insight into the SMOL products and if you want to give them a whirl for yourself you can sign up for them on their website here   







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