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Interactive Storytelling with Disney StoryPhones: Our Review

So, we’ve had the Disney StoryPhones with StoryShields in our hands for a few weeks now, and we’re bursting to share our thoughts. These little wonders are not just headphones—they’re a portal to a world of fun and learning, minus the screen time. If you’re looking for something that keeps the kids entertained while also sparking their imagination, stick around. These award-winning SafeAudio smart headphones are a game-changer for children aged three and above. Let’s share what we think makes them so awesome!


What You Get Inside the Box

Inside Box StoryPhones

Unboxing the Disney StoryPhones is like opening a treasure chest. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 1x StoryPhones
  • 1x StoryShield
  • 1x Travel Bag
  • 1x Audio Cable
  • 1x USB-C Charger
  • 1x Colouring Sheet
  • 1x Instruction Sheet

Everything you need to get started is right there, neatly packed and ready to go.



Using and Testing StoryPhones

Disney StoryPhones Ear Pads

We’ve been trying out the light blue Disney StoryPhones Bundle, complete with the Mickey & Pluto StoryShield. First off, these headphones are super easy to set up. Just switch them on, name them, and connect to your WiFi. Changing networks is a breeze too, so no worries if you’re hopping between locations.

Disney StoryPhones Headband

To get started, you attach the StoryShield snugly to the side of the headphones. This kicks off the download of the content from the shield to the internal memory. You’ll see the LEDs flash yellow and hear a “high tone” when it’s downloading. The LEDs keep flashing until it’s done, which might take a few minutes depending on your WiFi speed. Once it’s downloaded, the StoryShield starts playing automatically, but if not, just hit the play button. Navigating chapters is easy too—either rotate the StoryShield or use the control buttons on the other side.

jack ports

We think a standout feature is the SafeAudio technology, which limits the volume to protect those little ears. You can choose from 75dB for toddlers, 85dB for all kids, and 94dB for noisy environments like when on buses, cars or trains.



The StoryShields


The StoryShields are the heart of the StoryPhones experience, offering a vast library of different stories and learning adventures. These compact disks pack a punch, turning your child’s headphones into a gateway to exciting new worlds. Here’s how we found them in our hands-on testing:


DisneMickey Mouse and Goofy y StoryShield

We started with the Mickey Mouse and Goofy Disney StoryShield, which quickly became a favourite. The familiar voices and engaging stories kept the kids entertained for hours. Each story is full of fun and adventure, bringing the magic of Disney right to their ears. The kids loved the interactive element, as rotating the StoryShield to move through chapters felt like a mini-adventure of its own.


Lingokids Songs: Learn Math and Science with Billy

Next, we tried the Lingokids Songs: Learn Math and Science with Billy. This StoryShield is a musical learning adventure, featuring a bird named Billy who uses music and sing-alongs to introduce kids to maths and science. The educational content is seamlessly woven into catchy songs, making it easy for kids to learn while having fun.

Through engaging tunes, we love how the Lingokids StoryShield teaches concepts of science, engineering, and maths with themes like robots, planets, and dinosaurs. Our kids were humming the songs long after the headphones were off, clearly absorbing the information through this playful method.


Other Cool StoryShields

While we haven’t had the chance to try all the StoryShields yet, there are some others that look really cool and could make a great additions to our collection. For example, the ZenShield Travel and Relax disk sounds is a fantastic option for helping little one’s wind down. It features six relaxing sound profiles like Forest, Classical Piano, Waves, White Noise, Soft Rainfall, and RoRo Lullaby. The exclusive RóRó sound profile, with soothing sounds of a real-life heartbeat and breathing, is designed to help with relaxation and sleep.

This shield has been inspired by scientific research on sleep and wellbeing, created with input from doctors, nurses, psychologists, parents, and babies. It seems perfect for bedtime or quiet time, providing a calming audio environment for your child.



Practical Experience with StoryShields

StoryShield placing on

We found using the StoryShields straightforward and fun. Attaching the shields snugly to the side of the headphones starts the download of content to the internal memory. We noticed that the download speed varied with our WiFi quality, but generally, it took only a few minutes. The LED indicators were very helpful, flashing yellow during the download process and stopping once it was complete.

Placing StoryShield on HeadsetPlacing StoryShield on Headset

The kids found it easy to switch between StoryShields and navigate the content, either by rotating the shield or using the control buttons. This intuitive interaction kept them engaged and made them feel in control of their listening experience. Plus, the variety of content available meant there was always something new and exciting to listen to.


Each one offers a unique and enriching experience, whether it’s the thrilling adventures with Mickey and Goofy or the educational sing-alongs with Billy. We can’t wait to try more of them!



The App

QR Code for App

To get the most out of your StoryPhones, you’ll need to download the StoryPhones App from the Apple or Google store. The app provides simple instructions for setting up and offers some cool features such as:

StoryPhone App

  • Create Your Own Collection: Personalise your album to enjoy whenever you want.

Connect to App

  • Record Your Own Custom PlayShield: Grandparents or friends can record bedtime stories, or parents who work away can stay connected. It’s a lovely way to hear familiar voices.

Recording on App


  • Parental-Controlled Device: Parents can configure settings easily, ensuring they don’t have to constantly monitor what their kids are listening to.

Collection on App

  • Stories All Around the World: Enjoy a myriad of stories, songs, relaxing sounds, and audio adventures wherever you go.



What We Love About StoryPhones

Screen-Free Entertainment – We love how StoryPhones bring kids back to basics with storytelling. We think it’s a fun way to boost creativity and reduce screen time. These smart headphones play audio content offline, offering the ultimate screen-free entertainment experience.

Wired Option – We think its fab how you’re not limited to wireless use; you can also connect them as wired headphones using the included 3.5mm jack audio cable. This flexibility is super handy.

PlayShield Feature – This is a nifty feature that allows family members to record stories or songs, even if they live far away or work away a lot. It’s a lovely way to stay connected with loved ones.

Idle Shutdown – Brilliantly StoryPhones automatically switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity, conserving battery life. If a StoryShield is playing, the headphones will wait until it’s finished before shutting off, ensuring no abrupt interruptions.



Our Honest Thoughts

Travel Bag for Disney StoryPhones

We’ve really fallen for the Disney StoryPhones. They’re easy to use straight out of the box, and kids have no trouble switching StoryShields to change the content. The simple play, pause, and stop buttons we found makes it super child-friendly.

While we didn’t use the calling feature, the built-in mic and ability to take calls is a clever addition. It’s heartwarming to see your child expanding their world through stories and music, all without being glued to a screen and have to say we found the sound quality is top-notch, justifying the price.

Colouring Sheets

We love how these headphones can boost creativity, improve sleep, and help kids learn new skills.


We wholeheartedly recommend Disney StoryPhones for families seeking a fun, educational, and screen-free way to keep kids entertained. After using them for a few weeks, we’ve found them to be a fantastic investment. These smart headphones with StoryShields blend fun and learning seamlessly, whether you’re at home or on the go, ensuring your child’s auditory adventures are just a click away. They’re worth every penny!


With their ease of use, high-quality sound, and innovative features, Disney StoryPhones have certainly won our hearts, and we’re confident they’ll win yours too. If you fancy treating your little one to a pair or if you want to gift a pair to a loved one, you can buy them at our trusted retailer Amazon here.

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