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Kids Scrapbooking: Style 4 Ever 3 in 1 Station Review

We were fortunate enough to have the fantastic Style 4 Ever Scrapbooking 3 in 1 Station for kids in our hands, and let’s tell you, it truly illuminated our crafting world with kids’ scrapbooking! Before we delve into the details, it’s important to mention that we received this kit to test with our children. Our intention? To provide you with an authentic perspective on just how impressive (or not) this product truly is.

So, here’s our genuine and unfiltered insight into the journey we embarked upon with this scrapbooking marvel, designed for ages 6 years and up.



What’s Inside the Box: A World of Creativity

Scrapbooking inside box contents

Alright, let’s pop that box open and take a peek inside. Brace yourselves – it’s a total crafting extravaganza! You’ve got:

  • 1 x 3 in 1 Studio
  • 1 x Notebook
  • 1 x Glue Stick
  • 4 x Coloured Tapes
  • 2 X Embossing Cards
  • 2 x Stencils
  • 4 x Markers
  • 2 x Glitter Glues
  • 10 x Printed Sheets
  • 4 x Stickers Sheets
  • 2 x Stickers Rolls
  • 100 Gems

Phew, that’s a mouthful, right? But trust us, it’s a feast for creative souls. Your little artist is armed with everything they need to let their imagination run wild!



Crafting Galore: How to Use the 3 in 1 Station

Alright, so let’s talk about how this thing actually works. Imagine a place where embossing paper, customising sticky tapes, and creating stickers are all under one creative roof. Yep, that’s the Style 4 Ever Scrapbooking 3 in 1 Station for you! Here’s the lowdown:

  • Embossing Paper Magic: Take those embossing cards and stencils and make your artwork pop right off the page. It’s like adding secret layers of creativity!

embossed paper

  • Tape It Up, Your Way: Coloured tapes and markers are your artistic weapons here. Whether it’s framing photos, making borders, or just jazzing things up, these customisable tapes have you covered.


  • Sticker Stories: Stickers? Oh, they’re not just stickers here. You can personalise them or create your own from scratch. It’s sticker heaven, really.

customised stickers

  • Notebook Adventures: Don’t forget the notebook – it’s your playground for all things creative. Doodles, designs, or epic artwork – it’s your kiddo’s chance to shine.

cover of notebook



Why Scrapbooking Rocks for Kids: Let’s Talk Benefits

glue stick

Now, let’s talk about why this scrapbooking thing isn’t just artsy fun – it’s actually fantastic for your little ones:

  1. Supercharged Creativity: With all these tools, kids can dive into a world of colours, designs, and ideas, letting their creative sparks fly like confetti.
  2. Crafty Fingers, Sharp Skills: Cutting, pasting, designing – it’s all about those fine motor skills that are sneaking into play without them even realising.
  3. Express Yourself: Scrapbooking is like a visual diary where kids can shout out loud with art. It’s a canvas for their thoughts and feelings, all while having a blast.
  4. Patience and Focus Pay Off: Completing a project teaches kids to stick with it, focus on details, and be patient. That’s life skills in disguise, folks!
  5. Memory Lane: By scrapbooking, kids create a time machine of memories. It’s a fun way to relive moments, making connections between art and experiences.



Our Take: The Parent Perspective


As parents, we’ve seen the Style 4 Ever Scrapbooking 3 in 1 Station work its magic, and boy, are we impressed! Our kids loved the variety – it’s not just colouring; it’s a whole new world of embossing, designing, and customising. We think this studio is a total sanity-saver. It keeps things organised, and when they’ve burned through the goodies, we can easily restock.

Rainy days? Crafty playdates? This kit rocks them all. We’ve noticed our kids’ combining techniques and coming up with epic creations. It’s like their creativity got turbocharged!



Our Wholehearted Recommendation

turning wheel to emboss paper

Listen up, fellow families seeking the next big thing in crafting fun! We’re waving our creative flag high for the Style 4 Ever Scrapbooking 3 in 1 Station. Whether you’re looking for an at-home creativity hub or a magical gift that keeps on giving, we think this kit ticks all the boxes.

And guess what? You can snag one for yourselves – it’s heading to Smyths or picking one up online at Amazon, with a sweet price tag of just £24.99.

In a nutshell, the Style 4 Ever Scrapbooking 3 in 1 Station in our opinion is an invitation to creativity, wrapped in a box. We’ve tried, tested, and fallen in love, and we’re pretty sure you will too. So, why wait? Let your kid’s creative journey begin with this studio from Canal Toys.


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