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People Power, Peaceful Protests that Changed the World Children’s Book Review

“People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World” is an extraordinary new children’s book for 2023 that takes readers on a captivating journey through the history of peaceful protests that have had a profound impact on societies worldwide.

Authored by Rebecca June and beautifully illustrated by Ximo Abadía, this book weaves together captivating stories of resilience, determination, and the collective strength of people fighting for justice and positive change.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to read and review “People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World” children’s book, which is sure to leave a lasting impression on young minds with its inspiring narratives and stunning illustrations. We were recently sent a copy of this book from Prestel Publishing in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you. So, read on to see what the kids thought after reading it and if we think it’s worth treating your little one with this new read.


The Storyline

“People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World” is a captivating children’s book that delves into the impact of peaceful protests across the globe. The book highlights how ordinary people coming together can create an extraordinary force for change.

It narrates the inspiring stories of various historical events such as:

  • The Mud March, UK 1907
  • Gandhi’s Salt March, India 1930
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott, United States 1955
  • The Defenders of Pureora Forest, New Zealand 1978
  • The Greenham Common Womoen’s Peace Camp, UK 1982
  • The People Power Revolution, Philippines 1986
  • The Singing Revolution, Estonia 1988
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany 1989
  • The March for Territory and Dignity, Bolivia 1990
  • Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, Liberia 2003
  • The Jasmine Revolution, Tunisia 2011
  • Fridays for Future, Sweden/Global 2019
  • Black Lives Matter United States / Global 2020


About the Author

The book is a joint creation of Rebecca June and Ximo Abadía. Rebecca June, a translator, storyteller, and writer, has a deep connection with peaceful protests, having participated in marches and community movements from a young age. She studied Peace Culture at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and resides in a forest on the outskirts of the city with her husband and two daughters. Ximo Abadía, an award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books, graphic novels, and comics, brings his artistic brilliance to the book’s illustrations.


About the Illustrations in this Book

Ximo Abadía’s illustrations are a visual treat for young readers. The artwork is vibrant, and imaginative, and perfectly complements the storytelling. Each double-page spread is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of the protests and the emotions behind them.

We all loved the artwork in this book. Very colourful, feels grown-up image, is artsy and perfect for telling the story some of the pages the kids specifically loved the pictures on and talked about included the depiction of the Gandhi Salt March. The children appreciated how the orange figure in the Gandhi Salt March appeared both as a man and resembled a hill, with buildings seemingly perched on top. The clever and imaginative artwork drew them close to the scene, making it a fascinating visual experience.


Ghadi Salt March


The children were also enthralled with the Defenders of Pureora forest pages. They were captivated by how the use of black in the illustrations made the green colour pop, creating a dramatic and striking contrast that drew all the attention to the majestic trees.


People Power Forest


Oh, and the kids totally adored the people power revolution pages! It’s like they could feel the different textures – from the spikey trees to the rock-like statue and quirky watery waves. They were absolutely thrilled by how the boats stood out in the whole scene. The artwork just brought everything to life, and they couldn’t get enough of it.


People Power Revolution pages


They also loved the Estonian gathering pages. They were really impressed by how the artwork cleverly conveyed the feeling of a massive audience using just shapes – none of the individual shapes were detailed people, but it still made them feel like there were lots and lots of people there. They thought it was such a smart and creative way of showing the crowd, and it definitely left a lasting impression on them.


Estonia Gathering


The March of Territory and Dignity was another favourite for the kids. They liked it because the image was so clear and easy to understand. It got them thinking because, even though it was bright and colourful, it was explaining a topic that’s actually quite dark and sad. The contrast really made an impact on them, and we as parents could see they found it both engaging and thought-provoking.


People Power. Peaceful Protests Territory for Dignity pages


Another huge hit with the kids was The Fridays for Future pages. They absolutely loved how it brilliantly explains climate change. The illustration of the pretty sun beating down on the penguin’s melting iceberg and the contrast of the black cloggy smoke from the chimneys spilling onto the backdrop of the next page, outlining the rubbish and dead fish, really makes people stop and think. It’s such a powerful way to convey the impact of climate change, and we think the kids were amazed and thoughtful after seeing those pages.


People Power. Peaceful Protests Fridays for Future



Our Thoughts about “People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World”

We honestly think “People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World” is an essential addition to any family’s book collection. The book skilfully introduces children to historical events and the magical potential of people uniting for a common cause. It covers a range of important global protests, making it educational and relevant to today’s world.

The book’s straightforward and engaging text avoids preachiness, making it easily relatable for young readers. It addresses both current issues like climate change and historical events from different continents. The focus on positive outcomes and the impact of collective efforts keeps the narrative uplifting, empowering young minds to believe in their own voices and actions.

The feedback from the kids who read the book was overwhelmingly positive. They were fascinated by the historical events they learned about and appreciated how the book conveyed sad topics with a focus on positive change. The stunning illustrations for sure added to their reading experience. We believe they made the stories more immersive and memorable.

As parents we’re always on the lookout for quality and value for money and have to say the book’s excellent quality, with its sturdy hardcover and thick luxurious pages, makes it a worthwhile investment. But beyond its physical attributes, the real value lies in the knowledge and inspiration it gives to young readers. We believe this book is a priceless addition to any child’s library.

In a nutshell, ‘People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World’ deserves the highest recommendation from us. Its educational value, engaging storytelling, and remarkable illustrations make it a must-read for children aged 8 and above. If you want your little ones to understand the power of peaceful protests and the importance of standing up for what is right, this book we think is a perfect choice.

If you want to get your hands on “People Power. Peaceful Protests that Changed the World,” you can find it available at various retailers, including Amazon, Waterstones, Bookshop, and Hive Books. This hardback book is highly recommended for children aged 8 and above and comes with a retail price of £11.99.


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