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How to be an Eco-Friendly Family with Beco Pets

It can be a bit tricky to stick to your Eco-Friendly views when your family has a pet, but not so if you use Beco Pets products. Beco Pets produce ethically and eco-friendly grain free dog food, bowls, and toys for your pets and you can read more about what we thought of their products when we tried them out here.

We are huge animal lovers here at West Wales Family Life, with many pets in our Family Homes, so totally understand when people say their dogs and cats are like a member of the family as ours are too.

Thing is whilst we do not claim to be eco friendly experts we do really want to try and play out part where we can and are always learning and improving what we use and actively try and reduce our waste every day.

Recently we have been kindly sent some Eco-Friendly Beco Pets Products to test out, giving us the option to try be more responsible pet owners, in return for us sharing with you our honest thoughts about it


Who is Beco Pets

We have known about the company Beco from way back as we bought one of their bamboo potty’s when we were toilet training one of our kids and once finished, we planted in your garden and naturally it broke up and dissolved, making it an eco-friendlier option to the normal plastic ones.

Nowadays, Beco are focused on creating products for cats and dogs that have as little harm to the environment as possible.

Beco make unique pet products all with a sustainable conscience at the heart of it.


Beco Dog Food

One of the products we were sent to try out was Beco Dry Grain Free Dog Food. They make four different flavours as well as a puppy option and we were sent the Free-Range Chicken with Carrot and Chicory dry dog food.

This dog food is smallish size pellets, is completely grain free and filled with fresh meat, vegetables and superfoods. There is nothing artificial packed into it, so you know your feeding your fur babies a good nutritious meal that is going to be easy on their digestive system.


Eco-Friendly Beco Pets Dog Food Being Ate by Black Dog


So, ok we know Labradors get a bad rap for rouges that will just eat anything and to some degrees we hear you, thing is, when it comes to our little girly she is a lover of softer food when it comes to dry food, however I think because the size of the pellets weren’t too big she ate it all no problem.


Eco-Friendly Beco Pets Dog Food Close Up 2


Beco Poop Bags

A weekly purchase for most dog owners is poop bags, we have tried loads of them over the years and have always felt uncomfortable about sending a huge quantity of plastic bags full of dog poop to landfill.

These compostable Beco Home Compostable Poop Bags are made with plants and you might think that would lower their performance levels, but have to say they are genuinely thick so no worry about them breaking on you.


Eco-Friendly Beco Pets Poop Bags 2


As they are made from corn-starch they can be composted at home or disposed of as usual. If you have the space for it, you can get these neat little pet waste compost bins or wormeries for your garden which these bags will work fab in.


Beco Dog Toys

The last items we were sent to test run was some awesome doggy toys. Beco Pets make a great range of pet toys to be fair, using natural rubber, which is tough, springy making a fab toy for dogs to have a good chew on. They also use recycled plastic in cute squeaky toys as well sustainable hemp rope, which we did not realise but helps clean your pet’s teeth while they play.

We were lucky to have been sent the recycled rough and tough dolphin toy and the hemp rope tiger.


Beco Toys 2


Now we do have a pup that is a tugger, big lover of rope toys, so the rope tiger has been was well put through his paces and as of the time of writing we can confirm he is still in one piece.

We also have a rather rambunctious Labrador who just flat out loves to rip her toys into pieces, you know she has been having fun when you find a trail of stuffing leading to her wagging tail!

It was really easy to get her interested in the dolphin toy as it has loud squeaker inside and its crazy to think that its made with a recycled plastic bottle. She has had tried her best to destroy the dolphin and whilst its not showed its insides so far, its definitely not as pretty looking anymore as its been taken on many a walk… not our choice lol!

Beco Toy in Dogs Mouth 2

Beco Dog Toy Dirty 2


Would we Recommend Beco Pet Products to other Families?

We found it a refreshing change to try out all these Beco Pets products with our dogs. It is without doubt all our Fur babies have loved them, which makes us Happy Pet Parents.

When we have changed dog food in the past after a couple of mealtimes they let you know if they are not keen on keeping going especially our little madam, however they finished all the bags so it was clearly a winner, which did surprise us if we are honest as she does tend to prefer softer food.

The toys amazed us that they were made from recycled products as you just wouldn’t know it by looking at them and they are made to a good standard, feeling of good quality means they could also make a great gifting option to families that have pets, such as at Christmas time.

The poop bags are a winner, not the easiest things to big up as they are well basically dog poop holders after all, but as said for sure they are a good thick bag which is the main feature people look for, they are unscented and then to have the added bonus of being compostable is just excellent.

With all that being said we would highly recommend any families with pets check these Beco Pets Products out, especially if they want to change their ways, becoming a bit more conscious of our planet and mindful of how we leave it for our kids!


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