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Review: BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket – A New Eco-Friendly Toy for the Summer

The BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket is an innovative and eco-friendly toy that provides families with a captivating building experience. In this review, we will explore why this toy is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious families, offering hours of entertainment while promoting sustainability. We had the privilege of receiving the BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket as a complimentary product, allowing us to provide an authentic and unbiased review for our readers.


What’s in the Box

The BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket comes with everything you need to build your own rocket. The box includes 135 press-out parts made from high-quality sustainable cardboard and paper, a rocket-shaped tool for assembly, and an easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket Whats in the Box


Learning while you Build

The kit allows you to recreate the iconic homemade rocket from Wallace and Gromit’s outer space adventures in ‘A Grand Day Out.’ As you follow the instructions and build the rocket, you will marvel at the intricate details and features. The rocket stands at an impressive 40cm height once assembled and includes Wallace and Gromit figures, the beloved ‘cooker,’ and other internal furnishings. The pull-tab rocket door opening mechanism adds an extra element of surprise and excitement.

BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket starting to be built

This Build Your Own kit is not only fun and engaging but also eco-friendly. It is made using 100% sustainable cardboard and paper, reducing the use of plastics, and promoting environmental consciousness. By choosing this toy, families can enjoy hours of play while also contributing to a greener future.

BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket in the process of being built


Perfect Family Time Activity

The BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket is an ideal toy for spending quality time as a family. The kit is designed to be assembled by children aged 10 years and above, but it can be enjoyed by anyone from 10 to 100! Building the rocket together fosters collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity. We love how it provides an opportunity for parents and children to bond while working on a shared project.

BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket being built


Less Screen Time, More Play

In today’s digital age, reducing screen time for children is a priority for many parents. The BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket offer an immersive play experience that captivates children’s attention and keeps them engaged without relying on screens. By building the rocket and exploring its features, children can develop their motor skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. This toy encourages active play and imaginative storytelling, allowing kids to step into the world of Wallace and Gromit and create their own adventures.


The Iconic Rocket is Old School Wallace and Gromit

The Wallace and Gromit franchise has captured the hearts of fans worldwide for over three decades. We think the BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket pays homage to the beloved characters and their memorable adventures so well. This toy is a must-have for fans of the series, as it allows them to bring a piece of the Wallace and Gromit world into their own homes. The attention to detail in the design and construction of the rocket is so impressive, making it a show-stopping display piece that has had visitors of all ages wowed as soon as they’ve seen it, which makes the kids feel super proud of their building efforts.

BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket fully built and closed


The Creation of Wallace & Gromit

Wallace and Gromit’s story began when Nick Park, the creator, was a student at the National Film and Television School. The characters evolved from sketches and short stories, and their journey took them from Nick’s graduation project to becoming internationally beloved icons. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the Wallace and Gromit films is reflected in the design and construction of the BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket. This toy celebrates the legacy of the characters and invites fans to engage with their world in a cool hands-on way.

Robot and Cheese models

New Wallace and Gromit Film is Coming

Some more exciting news for Wallace and Gromit fans is a new movie featuring the iconic duo is currently in the works and is set to premiere on Netflix in 2024. This announcement adds to the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the characters. The BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket serve as a perfect companion to the upcoming film, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the world of Wallace and Gromit before the release.


What We Really Thought

As avid fans of BYO kits, we were thrilled to try out the Wallace and Gromit Rocket. The building process was challenging yet enjoyable, taking us just over 4 hours to complete, which is longer than the suggested 3 hours. The instruction guide provided clear and easy-to-follow steps, ensuring a smooth assembly experience. The high-quality sustainable cardboard and paper used in the kit added to the overall joy of the build.

BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket Built and open

The end result of our efforts exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail, from the intricacies of the wallpaper to the newspaper and card stacking on the table, showcased the thoughtfulness and creativity put into this kit. Once built, the rocket stands as a stunning display piece that draws the attention of everyone who sees it.

Wallace and Gromit BYO models up close

The kids really loved the moving elements of this build, one being the pull and push tab that makes the rocket open and close, and the other using the same tab to make the rocket flame underneath the rocket disappear, which is super clever.

The longevity of the BYO kits is another aspect we as parents appreciate. After completing the build, the rocket transforms into a playable set, allowing children to continue enjoying it even after construction. We highly recommend checking out this and the other themed builds in the BYO kits, such as the Techno Trousers and Sidecar Plane, which further expand the Wallace and Gromit universe. All can be found and ordered from the Build Your Own Website.

We think this BYO Wallace and Gromit Rocket is a fantastic eco-friendly toy option for families. It combines the joy of building with sustainable materials, promoting environmental consciousness while providing hours of entertainment. Through play, children can develop essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. The attention to detail and design of the rocket makes it a visually stunning display piece. Whether you’re a fan of Wallace and Gromit or just looking for a unique building experience, we think this toy is a must-have for families who value eco-friendly play and quality time together.


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