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Review: Creative Play with Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal

If you’re searching for toys that are both fun and creatively stimulating, the new neon airbrush plush bucket from Canal Toys is must-see. We had the chance to test it out over several weeks, and this colourful Narwhal quickly became a favourite in our home. Here’s why we think this toy could be the perfect addition to your family’s collection.

As huge fans of Airbrush Plushies, we’re thrilled to receive one of the new neon airbrush plush buckets, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts and letting you know if we think it’s worth adding to your family’s toy collection.

Opening Bucket

The Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal is an on-trend, neon plush toy that lets creative kids stylise their own Narwhal, Koala, or Unicorn character using the included neon markers and stencils. After spending several weeks with this engaging toy, we’ve got the full scoop on what you get in the box, our hands-on testing experience, and why it’s a standout choice for creative play.



What You Get in the Box

All inside the bucket

One of the first things that caught our attention was the variety of items included in the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal box. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 1x Plush Toy
  • 1x Spray Pump
  • 4x Airbrush Colours
  • 70x Stencils

This fun set ensures that your child has everything they need to start creating right away. The plush toy itself is wonderfully soft and cuddly, making it a perfect companion for daily adventures. The spray pump is easy to use, and the four vibrant airbrush colours provide plenty of options for customisation. With 70 stencils to choose from, kids can let their imagination run wild, whether they follow the stencil designs or go freehand.



Using and Testing the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal

Spraying Palm Tree

After weeks of playing with the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal we can see how it’s perfect for children aged six and above. We tested the Narwhal plushie, however there is also a cuddly Koala and a magical Unicorn available for kids who want to collect all the adorable characters.

Each plush toy serves as a blank canvas, ready to be brought to life with vibrant neon colours. Using the included markers and stencils, kids can customise their plushies, creating unique designs that stand out in daylight. And when they’re ready for a new look, simply washing the plush with water erases the old designs, allowing for endless creativity.

Peace Stencil

Our kids found the Narwhal plushie easy and fun to personalise. They enjoyed the large variety of stencils, which provided a good starting point before they started experimenting with their own ideas. To colour, they just popped one of the colourful airbrush pens into the spray pump and sprayed directly onto the fur, colouring to their heart’s content. The chalk pen ingredients are cleverly designed to wash off easily with water, making it simple to refresh the plush for new designs.



What We Love About the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal

There’s so much to love about the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal. Here are some of our highlights:

Soft and Fluffy: The Narwhal plushie is incredibly soft and fluffy, making it a perfect cuddly companion for kids. It’s great for playtime and also doubles as a comforting bedtime buddy.

Neon Colours: The neon markers included in the set add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to the plushie. The bright colours really make the designs pop, providing a fun and engaging creative experience.

Easy to Use: The airbrush system is simple enough for kids to use independently. The spray pump is straightforward, and the markers are easy to insert and remove. This means kids can enjoy their creative playtime without needing constant adult supervision.

Washable Designs: One of the best features is that the designs can be washed off with water, allowing kids to start fresh whenever they like. This makes the toy endlessly reusable and encourages continuous creativity.

Variety of Stencils: The large selection of stencils offers plenty of inspiration and helps kids get started with their designs. From simple shapes to more intricate patterns, there’s something for everyone.



A Huge Hit in Our Household

Orange Heart

It’s fair to say that only days into testing, we’ve fallen in love with the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal.  The ids found it adorable and loved how it looks and feels. The quality of the plushie is impressive, and as parents we love the quality as its clearly going to withstand lots of play.

Heart Stencil

The variety of stencils that comes with this toy is fab and made the perfect starting point for our kids, who then became more confident in their creative abilities and started designing freehand. It was lovely to see them expanding their creativity without being glued to a screen.


We were happily surprised by how clean it came out eh washing machine as the colours were so bright we did have our doubts to if with would be bright white again. It’s honestly been a fantastic way to boost creativity in a playful and engaging manner.



Would we Recommended to Families?


We would highly recommend the Airbrush Plush Squish Neon Narwhal for other families. We believe it’s worth every penny, providing endless hours of creative fun.

Whether your kids are just starting to explore their artistic side or are already seasoned crafters, this soft fluffy toy provides a great platform for them to express themselves. With its washable designs, vibrant colours, and cuddly softness, it’s sure to be a hit in any household.

Coloured in Narlwharl

If you’re interested in purchasing your own, you can buy it from our trusted retailer Amazon. And for more ways to embrace your kids’ creativity, check out our review on the Airbrush Plush Surprise Mini and How to Make Your Own Play Dough.


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