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Review: So Slime Mix in Sensations ASMR Desk – Fun Family Play

Diving into the world of slime has never been more exciting than with the So Slime Mix in Sensations 3 in 1 ASMR Desk. If your household is anything like ours, a little bit of mess paired with a whole lot of fun is always on the agenda. We’re excited to share the latest sensation in our playroom with you – the So Slime Mix in Sensations 3 in 1 ASMR Desk. Imagine a world where slime isn’t just a sticky substance, but a whole sensory adventure waiting to unfold right before your eyes… and under your fingertips! For weeks, we’ve delved into this slime kit, exploring its every possibility, and now, we’re eager to spill all the squishy, stretchy details to you.


A Whole New Slime Experience

Slime isn’t new to us – oh no, we’ve had our fair share of making and playing with slime. And the So Slime Mix in Sensations we think is like the Swiss Army knife of slime kits! Not only does it let you create the squishiest, most satisfying slime ever, but it also doubles as a nifty desk where you can play, display, and store your creations. And the best part? You can pack it up and take it with you! Sleepovers, grandparent’s house, road trips – you name it, the slime desk is coming with us.


What’s in the Box? Let’s Dig In!

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Opening this kit was like Christmas morning. Inside, we found this cool multifunctional desk that’s going to change the way you think about slime play. But let’s talk about the goodies that come with it – six pots of compound that are just waiting to be transformed into your own unique slime. There’s something for everyone: from the classic slime to the crunchy, foamy, and even sandy varieties. And the decorations? Beads, bingsu, and sponges to mix into your concoctions for that extra sensory kick.


Slime Time Is Any Time

LATEST NEWS Whats is inside the box So Slime Mix in Sensations

Here’s where the fun really begins. This kit isn’t just about making slime; it’s about creating your own sensory experience. The textures, the colours, the smells – it’s all there for you to explore and enjoy. Our little ones couldn’t get enough of mixing and matching the different elements to create their perfect slime. And when they were done? Everything neatly packed away into the desk, no fuss, no mess. It’s like the creators of this kit thought of everything!


Getting Hands-On with the So Slime Sensations Kit

When it comes to getting started with the So Slime Sensations Kit, the fun begins the moment you open the box. To give you a quick guide here’s how we’ve been enjoying the slime-making fun:

Choose Your Slime Base: Pick one of the six unique slime compounds as your starting point. Whether it’s the classic slime for that quintessential slimy feel, the crunchy slime for a satisfying sound, the foamy slime for a tactile surprise, the everfoam for a lighter touch, the sandy fluffy slime for a unique texture, or the mega slime for the ultimate slime experience, you’re set for hours of fun.

Blue Everfoam

Yellow Foamy

Purple Crunchy Slime

Green Original Slime

Purple Sandy Slime

Pink mega Slime

Add Some Flair: Sprinkle in your choice of decorations – big beads, multicoloured beads, bingsu, or sponges. This is where your slime becomes truly your own. Mix and match to find your favourite combinations.

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Mix and Play: Use the desk to mix your ingredients together. It’s designed to keep everything contained, so you can focus on the fun part without worrying about the mess.

LATEST NEWS Opening Slime Pot

Store or Carry: Once you’re done playing, the desk offers a neat solution to store your slime creations in the stackable pots provided. Or, if you’re on the move, close up the desk and take it with you for fun wherever you go.

LATEST NEWS Green Slime Mixing with Silver Bingsu


Slime on the Go? Yes, Please!

LATEST NEWS All Content So Slime being Played with

One of our favourite features has to be how portable this whole setup is. The desk isn’t just a play area; it’s a carry case too. We’ve taken it on car trips, and let me tell you, it’s been a lifesaver. The kids are entertained, and there’s no slimey mess in the backseat – win-win in our book!


Where to Buy This Slime-Tastic Adventure

Ready to add this sensational slime kit to your family’s collection? The So Slime Mix in Sensations 3 in 1 ASMR Desk is available for purchase online. A quick search on Amazon will bring it right to your doorstep for £17. It’s an investment in fun, creativity, and sensory exploration that’s hard to beat. We think this is perfect as a birthday gifts, school holiday surprise, or just because every day is a good day for slime!


Our Slime-enthusiast Verdict

LATEST NEWS Child Playing stretching Yellow Foamy Slime with ASMR Desk

Alright, down to the nitty-gritty – what do we really think? We’re sold. The quality of the slime is top-notch; it’s durable, smells amazing (yes, we’re looking at you, fluffy slime), and the variety of textures and noises it makes? Chef’s kiss! Our personal favourite has to be the crunchy glitter purple slime – it’s like a party in a pot.

This kit has been a fabulous addition to our family playtime, sparking creativity and sensory exploration in ways we hadn’t imagined. It’s a hit with the kids and a blessing for us parents, keeping everything slime-related in one tidy, portable place. If you’re on the fence about diving into the world of slime, let the So Slime Mix in Sensations be your gateway.

We think this So Slime Mix in Sensations 3 in 1 ASMR Desk isn’t just another toy it’s an experience. It’s a doorway to creativity, a journey into sensory exploration, and a practical solution for playtime organisation and mobility. Its versatility and the quality of the experience it provides have thoroughly impressed us, and we believe it will do the same for you.

LATEST NEWS So Slime Sensations ASMR Desk being played with

Whether it’s the joy of creating something unique with your hands, the excitement of discovering new textures and sensations, or simply the convenience of having a portable and clean play area, we got to say this kit delivers on all fronts.

So, to all the families out there looking for something new and exciting to try, we can’t recommend this slime kit enough. It’s fun, it’s messy (in a controlled way!), and it’s a fantastic way to spend quality time together. And if you’re craving more creative ideas to keep the little ones engaged, don’t miss our treasure trove of activities on our Ideas to Beat Kids Boredom Page. Trust us, your kids (and maybe even you) will thank you for it. Enjoy sliming with the kids!


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