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Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab Review: Hands-On STEM Learning for Kids

Looking for an educational engaging activity for the school holidays? For some inspiration read our review of the Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab. Discover its features, benefits, and 17 safe experiments for kids and why we think it’s a fantastic science gift for older kids.

All Science Mad Kits offer real experiments based on proper chemistry, with in-depth instruction manuals that provide step-by-step guidance and inspiration. These kits are not only educational but also make great gifts for children, encouraging them to develop their knowledge and interest in science. We were really excited to have recently been gifted the Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab kit to test out in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.


Explore the World Through Crystal Growing

What could be more exciting than exploring the world around you? Children have a natural curiosity to understand how things came to be, to observe small things up close, to discover distant objects, and to make their own exciting discoveries. The Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab is designed to ignite this curiosity and provide children with a hands-on experience that allows them to explore the fascinating world of crystal growth.


What’s in the Box

whats inside the box

The Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab comes with everything you need to get started on your crystal-growing journey. Inside the box, you’ll find:-

  • 3 Different crystal-growing chemicals
  • 5 Different food colour pigments
  • 4 Shaped blister moulds
  • Craft paper
  • Pre-cut shapes
  • Water-based markers
  • Different sized measuring cups
  • Petri dishes
  • Tweezers
  • Dropper
  • Spoon
  • Display stand
  • Granite seed rocks and containers.
  • Detailed instruction manual

Science Mad Growing Crystal Inside the box

However, it’s highlighting that you’ll need to supply some household equipment such as a pencil, jam jar, and paper clip. Additionally, certain experiments require additional chemicals like plaster of Paris and Epsom salts.


Features and Benefits of the Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab

The Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab offers a range of features and benefits that make it an exceptional educational tool and a source of fun for children:

Real-world related products with working features: The lab provides an authentic experience by using real chemistry to grow crystals. This allows children to understand the principles of crystal growth and apply scientific concepts in a practical setting.

Science Mad Instruction Booklet

Develop an interest in science and nature: By engaging in crystal-growing experiments, children develop a fascination for science and nature. They learn about the science behind crystal formation, observe the growth process, and gain an appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

Science Mad Crystal Experiment

Explore the natural world outdoors: Crystal growing experiments often involve observing the effects of environmental factors on crystal growth. This encourages children to explore the natural world and understand how different conditions impact the formation of crystals.

Science Experiment 2

Conduct safe and fun experiments at home: The Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab ensures that all experiments are safe and suitable for children. The lab provides a controlled environment for conducting experiments, and the instruction manual guides children through 17 safe and educational crystal-growing projects.

Science Mad Experiment 1


STEM Learning for Kids

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) learning is essential for children’s educational development. The Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab is designed with learning and fun at its heart, providing children with a hands-on experience that aligns with the STEM curriculum. By engaging in crystal-growing experiments, children develop essential skills and knowledge in various STEM disciplines, including chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Science Mad Experiment 3


Where to Buy the Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab

The Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab is suitable for children over the age of 10 and can be purchased online at Amazon for £22.99. With its comprehensive set of equipment, engaging experiments, and educational value, we think this lab offers great value for the price.


Our Honest Thoughts

As parents and big fans of Science Mad Kits, we were excited to try out the Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab, and it did not disappoint. This crystal-growing lab is well-equipped with all the necessary materials to conduct the experiments. Our kids found it fun and easy to follow the step-by-step guide provided in the instruction manual.

Growing Crystal on display stand

Although we have to say that during our first attempt at growing crystals, we may have made a mistake or not concentrated enough, as the crystals didn’t turn out as planned. Nonetheless, this is part of the learning process, and we were glad that there was plenty of content left for us to try again. The subsequent crystal-growing experiments went smoothly, and the crystals grew beautifully, just like the other experiments in the lab.

Crystal Growing Lab up close on display

We believe that the Science MAD! Crystal Growing Lab is a fabulous science gift for older kids. It provides an activity that can last a long time, making it ideal for the school holidays. Children can engage in the experiments at their own pace, conducting one project at a time. As they watch the days go by and witness the crystals growing right in front of them, their interest remains captivated. It is truly impressive to observe the growth process and see the crystals take shape.

Crystal grown up close

This Science MAD! Crystal Lab is built specifically for children, combining learning and fun. It offers an interactive and engaging experience that ignites children’s curiosity and encourages them to explore the wonders of science. Whether as a gift or an educational tool, we think this lab is sure to inspire young minds and nurture a lifelong love for science and exploration.

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