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Taste Test: MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals Reviewed

As busy parents, we know how challenging it can be to prepare nutritious, quick, and tasty meals for the family. That’s why we were excited to test out this innovative product range, which promises to revolutionise family mealtime. Developed specifically for air fryers, MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals are a British first and offer a quick, affordable, and healthier alternative to traditional takeaways. After trying and testing these meals for weeks, we’re eager to share our experience.


Families Can Now Enjoy Britain’s First Air Fryer Ready Meal Range

Food brand MJ’s Diner has launched an exciting range of frozen ready meals designed specifically for the air fryer. This pioneering product line allows families to enjoy delicious, convenient meals at an affordable price. Priced from just £1.99 and with each meal containing under 915 calories, we think these meals are a game-changer for busy households. The convenience of being able to cook a ready meal in under 20 minutes makes them perfect for hectic evenings when you need something quick and tasty.


Air Fryer Ready Meals: The Ultimate in Convenience

Frozen Air Fryer Ready meal Meatballs

Quick and Easy Preparation – We think one of the biggest advantages of MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals is their convenience. These meals are developed for the air fryer but can also be cooked in a conventional oven. The preparation couldn’t be simpler: just pop the contents directly from the freezer into the air fryer, set the temperature and time, and wait for your meal to be ready. Most meals are cooked to perfection in just 15 minutes.

Perfect for Busy Families – For families, this range offers a hassle-free solution for quick dinners. With a 14-strong product range, including favourites like Salt and Pepper Chicken, Katsu Chicken Curry, and Steak Pie, there’s something for everyone. The meals are priced between £1.99 and £2.49, making them an affordable option for family mealtime.

Variety and Value – These ready meals provide a wide range of cuisines and flavours, offering diverse options for meals. They are cost-effective, often cheaper than ordering takeout, making them a budget-friendly meal option. Additionally, pre-portioned servings help manage portion sizes and reduce food waste.


Convenient Freezer-to-Fryer Meals

Frozen Air Fryer Ready Meal

Simplicity at Its Best – We believe one of the standout features of these ready meals is the ease of cooking them directly from the freezer. There’s no need for defrosting or lengthy preparation. Each pack contains everything you need for a meal, including any necessary sauces or seasonings. Simply rip open the bag, pop the contents into your air fryer, and wait for your delicious meal to cook.

A Great Solution for Busy Households – This range is a no-brainer for busy families. It’s cheaper, quicker, healthier, and of higher quality than ordering a takeaway. The convenience of having a variety of meals ready to cook from the freezer means you can always have a quick meal option on hand, perfect for those hectic evenings.

Long Shelf Life and Nutritional Information – These meals have a long shelf life, allowing them to be stored in the freezer for extended periods, which is useful for busy schedules. The packaging provides detailed nutritional information, helping families make informed choices. Ready meals can also introduce children to new flavours and ingredients in an affordable and easy way.


Who is MJ’s Diner?

MJ's Diner Logo

MJ’s Diner is a brand name of products from KP Frozen Foods (KPFF), based in Birkenhead. Founded and run by Noel Davis, who has over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing and distribution, MJ’s Diner is known for its high-quality frozen food products. Noel saw a market gap and inspired by his own family’s love of air fryers, decided to launch this innovative range of air fryer ready meals.

Noel Davis’s inspiration came from a discussion with his children, who are avid users of air fryers. Recognising the growing popularity of air fryers in over 12.5 million households, Noel realised they had the perfect products and the network to launch this range successfully. The instant success of these meals led to the recruitment of 50 new staff members at their Birkenhead facility to cope with the demand.


The MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals Range

The MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals range includes an array of ‘fakeaway’ favourites such as Salt and Pepper Chicken, Katsu Chicken Curry, and traditional chip-shop meals like Steak Pie and Sausages, Chips, and Gravy. Each product is designed to be a healthier alternative to traditional takeaways, with every meal containing under 915 calories.

Full List of Products – The 14 products in the frozen range are:

  • Chicken Nuggets and Fries (Made with 100% Breast)
  • Fish Fillet and Straight Cut Chips
  • Mixed Starter: 2 Potato Skins, 6 Garlic Mushrooms & 4 Hot & Spicy Wings
  • All Day Breakfast – 2 Sausages, 2 Hash Browns, 3 Gammon Grill/Steak, 2 Black Pudding
  • Katsu Chicken & Crinkle Cut Chips – 100% Breast Fillet
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken & Crinkle Cut Chips (100% Breast Fillet)
  • Shortcrust Steak Pie and Steak Cut Chips
  • Southern Fried Popcorn Chicken and Crispy Fries
  • Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings and Crinkle Cut Chips
  • Breaded Fish Fingers with Chips
  • 2 Beef Grillsteaks with Chips
  • Crispy Chicken Goujons and Crinkle Cut Chips (100% Breast Fillet)
  • Salt & Pepper Chicken Chunks and Crinkle Cut Chips
  • Beef Meatballs with Chips & Gravy

Air Fryer Ready meals

New options are also on the way, including Chips with Chip Shop Curry Sauce, Kebab Meat and Chips with Sriracha Sauce, Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs and Crinkle Cut Chips, Pork Sausage in Gravy and Chips, and Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings and Crinkle Cut Chips. We’d also love to see some vegetarian options added soon, please—hint, hint!

These meals are healthier than traditional takeaway options, with fewer calories and lower fat content. For busy families looking to maintain a balanced diet, MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals offer a great solution without compromising on taste or convenience.


Taste Testing MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals

Cooking in Air Fryer Fish Fingers

Easy Instructions and Quick Cooking – We found the instructions for cooking these meals straightforward and easy to follow. There’s no need to worry about portion control as each pack contains a perfectly sized meal. Just rip open the bag, pop the contents into your air fryer, set the temperature and time, and wait for your delicious meal.

Convenient and Mess-Free – These meals are a dream for busy families. The average cooking time is just 15 minutes, and everything you need is included in the pack. For meals that require it, the gravy comes in its own sachet, and the salt and pepper seasoning is provided for you to sprinkle over after cooking. This range is cheaper, quicker, healthier, and of far higher quality than ordering a takeaway.

Advantages of Air Fryer Cooking – Air fryers use hot air circulation to cook food, requiring significantly less oil than traditional frying, making meals healthier. They also cook food up to 20-30% faster than traditional ovens, perfect for quick meals. Air fryer meals achieve a crispy texture without greasiness, pleasing even the pickiest eaters. Additionally, cooking in an air fryer maintains more of the nutritional value of the ingredients compared to other cooking methods.


Retailers Stocking MJ’s Diner Air Fryer-Ready Meals

Cooking in Air Fryer meatballs

MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals are available in Farmfoods, Poundland, and 300 independent retailers across the UK. Noel Davis is also in talks with Home Bargains, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s to supply these meals.

We’re huge fans of Farmfoods, as they always have fantastic deals. Don’t forget you can get extra savings by signing up for occasional special offers, discounts, and exclusive deals on their website. After signing up, you receive personal vouchers for extra savings off your next shop. It’s an easy process – just enter your email on Farmfoods‘ website, and no further personal details are required. You can unsubscribe at any time.


What We Love About MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals

Kid-Friendly and Family Approved – Our kids have loved these meals, with the All-Day Breakfast being a real hit on Saturday mornings. These meals are filling and reduce the stress of mealtime prep and cleanup, as we’re not left with loads of pans to wash. Even cleaning the air fryer is easier, with nothing sticking to the sides.

Child Eating Air Fryer Read Meal

A Huge Hit for Busy Families – We’ve fallen in love with MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals because of their quality, convenience, and affordability. They offer a quick, tasty, and healthier alternative to takeaways, making them perfect for our busy household. These meals cook evenly, are crispy without being greasy, and are ideal for older kids to prepare on their own.


Our Final Thoughts

We’ve cooked and tasted most of these MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals now and have to say we’ve been extremely impressed with the quality and taste, especially for the price. These meals have been a godsend for our busy households, offering a healthier option that cooks quickly and doesn’t break the bank. They are perfect for last-minute meals and are a great way to keep everyone happy and well-fed.

All Day Breakfast Air Fryer Ready Meal

We’d absolutely recommend these meals. Like many busy families, our freezer is an essential part of our kitchen, always stocked with a variety of ready meals. These air fryer ready meals are convenient for last-minute dinners, easy enough for older kids to prepare, and filling for both kids and adults. We believe they are worth every penny.


So, if we’ve left you craving a tasty meal without the fuss, be sure to grab your own MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals from trusted retailers like Farmfoods and Poundland. And if you’re curious about boosting family well-being, don’t miss our article on Family Meals: ‘The Benefits of Eating Together for Healthy Habits’. Plus, we’ve got some fab tips for parents on ‘Teaching Kids Where Their Food Comes From’. Bon appétit!

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