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The Halloween toucanBox: A Spook-tacular Treat That’s Better Than Sweets

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get the kids excited than with Halloween toucanBox? Forget the sweets this year, because these delightful boxes are packed with creative and educational treats that will keep your little ones engaged for hours. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed!

Now, let’s dive into the spectacular features of these Halloween gems!

Inside each toucanBox Halloween set

Building the Glowing Ghost Lantern: A Whimsical Will-o’-the-Wisp

First on the agenda was the Glowing Ghost Lantern, a part of the toucanBox Subscription that captured our hearts immediately. Inside the box was a treasure trove of crafty goodies, enough to summon your very own ghostly lantern that—you guessed it—glows in the dark!

Inside Build ghost lantern

What’s Included?

  • Paper Lantern: The base of your ghastly creation.
  • Crepe Paper Strips: To give your ghost a spectral flair.
  • PVA Glue, Ribbon, Paint Brush: Your basic crafting essentials.
  • Felt Faces and Velcro Dots: These allow you to change the facial expressions of your lantern.
  • Light and Sticky Tabs: To bring your lantern to life, or should we say, “afterlife.”
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions: So, you’re not left hauntingly confused.

toucanBox lantern

The kids had an absolute blast assembling this. The lantern was so easy to build that they almost didn’t need our help, thanks to the straightforward instructions.

Halloween toucanBox ghost lantern glowing

And once it was complete, they could switch its face from a grinning ghoul to a shocked ghost. It now takes pride of place in their bedroom, and they’re already planning to make more crafts to decorate the Halloween party table.


Experimenting with the Wacky Scientist’s Ghastly Lab: A Cauldron of Creativity

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more exciting, we delved into the Wacky Scientist’s Lab box. Imagine a lab but make it haunted. Perfect for little ones who love a scientific twist to their Halloween adventures.

Inside the box Lab

What’s Included?

  • Lab and Specimen Stickers: Your haunted headquarters.
  • Inner and Outer Tray: For all your scientific endeavours.
  • Test Tube, Bubble Bottle, Flask Stand: It’s experiment time.
  • Acetic Acid, Baking Soda, Green Colouring: The ingredients for your fizz-tastic fun.
  • Scientist’s Scoop, Pipette, Mixing Stick: Your tools for mad science!

Halloween toucanBox Lab

The children couldn’t contain their excitement as they assembled the lab and started their experiments. Between the fizzing concoctions and mystery monsters trapped in haunted beakers, this box was a hit!

toucanBox lab fizzing

And let’s not forget the sticker sheet and Halloween-themed magazine full of colouring pages, puzzles, and other crafty ideas that come with every toucanBox.


Why We Parents Adore These Boxes: A Treat, not a Trick!

Here’s the cherry on top—or should we say, the wart on the witch’s nose? These toucanBoxes are not just a one-time craft. They turn into something your kids can actually play with. Plus, you don’t have to worry about flimsy bits and bobs as we found the quality of materials to be excellent.

Halloween toucanBox Magazine and Stickers

The subscription to these toucanBoxes is also as flexible as a cat dodging a broomstick. No need to worry about being tied down! And all this awesomeness starts from just £7.99! And we think it’s a fab treat that’s as sweet as your little ones, without the sugar rush.


Where to Buy These Non-Sweet Treats

Ready to trade in the sugary stuff for some family-friendly fun this Halloween? Head over to the toucanBox website  to snag your Halloween boxes today.

toucanBox colouring in

toucanBox Halloween puzzles

There is also a fab special offer by using the HALLOWEEN at checkout you’ll get 20% off when you buy any 2 Halloween crafts. The boxes will be shipped from the 19th of September and will reach you within 3-5 working days. Active subscribers may even find these crafts in their regular toucanBoxes.

toucanBox magazine crafts

For more family fun this Halloween, don’t forget to visit our Family Life at Halloween page, which is bursting with lists of local pumpkin patches, pumpkin-preserving tips, shopping guides, printables, recipes, and more to keep all the family entertained over the October half term.


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