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44 Cats Musical Plush and Club House Playsets Review

Our kids are big 44 Cats fans so when we got the chance to review the new Musical Plush toy and Club House Playsets we were very excited to unbox them so to share our thoughts with you all.

44 Cats is a kid’s TV programme on POP tv channel every day, which follows the adventures of four kittens who are in a musical group called the Buffycats.

The Buffycats hang out in a garage inside Granny Pina’s property, which they have transformed into their clubhouse.


The Four Main Kittens in 44 Cats

Lampo he is the male tabby cat who is the lead singer of the group, he also has whiskers that act as a compass, helping him find his way or track down missing cats or objects.

Pilou is the youngest kitten, she is the little cutie who can make anyone fall in love with her pretty eyes.

Milady is the well-dressed girl, who is awesome at gymnastics and has fur that changes colour from grey to pink whenever somebody’s lying

Meatball is the biggest cat and gets his name from the food spaghetti and meatballs due to his love of food. He also has a unique skill of knowing when he is hungry for spaghetti and meatballs, means that danger is nearby.


44 Cats Musical Plush Toys


We have been sent Milady plush toy, she is our little one’s favourite as she is the perfectionist of the group and the fashionista, so this was a real hit straight off.

The musical soft toys are about 8 inches tall and there are 4 to collect: Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Meatball.

LATEST NEWS 44 Cats Milady Plush Toy

If you squeeze the belly it plays the original 44 Cats song from the tv show and they are super soft to cuddle. You can get these in Argos


44 Cats Club House Playsets

LATEST NEWS 44 Cats Play Sets

There are three playsets to collect, we had Lampo’s Place and Pilou’s Place, however there is also Milady’s Place.

All playsets come with one character each and has moveable parts.

Lampo’s Place is the perfect size for little hands, and it has his trophies, books and favourite food all on display within his loveable guitar. Also, the clothes that Lampo has on in this clubhouse set is exclusive to it, so for all Lampo fans this is a huge bonus.

Pilou’s Place brings to life her windmills and favourite food that is set around her drum kit and again all the clothes Pilou has on in this clubhouse set is exclusive to it, so for all Pilou fans this is a huge bonus.

The kids had great fun playing with them, with the moveable parts and figures in no time they were re-enacting their favourite scenes from the show.

LATEST NEWS 44 Cats Play sets 2

As parents we love playset like these are it gets your littles ones creativity going as they image what’s going to happen next and what character is going to say what next, it’s a real delight listening to them try and put on the kittens accents as well.

All Clubhouse playset are suitable for children aged 3 years and over and they are on sale here in The Entertainer for £17 each


44 Cats Mini Figures

LATEST NEWS 44 Cats Mini Figures

The mini figure packs are individual characters that come with a little accessory each. You get just one character in a pack and that figure is about 3 inches tall.

The figures can move their arms and legs and even hold things. There are 8 to collect: Lampo, Milady, Pilou, Meatball, Cosmo, Boss, Lola and Gas and they do make a fab additional to the larger Clubhouse Playsets

You can get them from Argos here


Would we Recommend these toys?

As parents we love themed playsets like these as they instantly are a recognisable character thar our kids already have an association with.

And figure playsets are a valuable way to grow our kids creative skills by letting their minds run wild with the next best storyline to take the characters on.

Also, these 44 Cats playsets have been great in getting our kids communicating their thoughts building on their sentences and learning how to explain something to others they played with.

These playsets have been fab for the kids to all play together and get them working together to see the story plot out the end.

We definitely would recommend these 44 Cats toys to other families are they are all of good quality, offer great value for money and have given our kids hours of fun playing together with them which has just been the best to see.




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