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Cutetitos Fruititos Series 4 Scented Plush Unboxing and Review

Series 4 Blind Bag Cutetitos are hitting the UK stores and we have had loads of Fun with the Kids Unboxing them so we can share our thoughts with you.

All our kids are massive Cutetitos Fans and we regularly gift them for Kids Birthday Presents as they are always so well received.

Previous series have been little cute fluffy toys wrapped up like a burrito but series 4 are Fruititos, so you guessed it they are Fruit Wraps!


Unboxing Cutetitos Fruititos Collectable Toy



Cutetitos are aimed at children over 5 to 7 years old, but older kids do love them just as much

20200825 104033

When you first open the blind bag the first thing you notice is the amazing smell, these are Fruit scented toys and they do not let you down. Each collectable has a different scent as well which is just lush.

20200825 104426

Then as you take the collectable out of the bac you see the bright coloured thick fluffy wrap, with a patterned paper covering hiding which toy you have,

You pull the paper covering off and then unroll your Fruit Wrap to reveal which collectable toy you have,

20200825 104748

Series 4 includes 12 different Toy characters to collect and there are 3 rare and 3 ultra rare characters to collect. The plush collectable toys are so fluffy and adorable are all different animals such as a unicorn, lion or owl.

LATEST NEWS Cutetitos Fruititos Rare and Ultra Rare


Where are Cutetitos Fruititos on Sale in UK

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Series 4 Cutetitos Fruititos are currently on sale at Smyths Toy Superstores. They are selling for £7.99 and you have the option for either your local store click and collect or home delivery if you’re looking to not go to shops or want to spend as little time in store as possible, but still treat the kids.


Would we Recommend these toys?

We are complete suckers in our house for soft toys and these Fruititos are Super Soft making them unbelievably cuddly

LATEST NEWS Cutetitos Cuddle

Also, we love collectables, they can be a little squashed looking the seconds you take them out of the bling bag but after a few pulls and cuddles they soon take their uber cute form.

We definitely would recommend these scented cutetitos for families, possibly a fab back to school treat, birthday gift or they even work well as a thank you gift to kids coming to birthday parties as an alternative to party goodie bags to take home.



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