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Enjoy Antigravity Bouncing Fun with Moon Shoes

Calling all parents that are interested in giving their child some throwback fun….. Moon Shoes are back and your little ones can enjoy some anti-gravity bouncy feet fun like nothing they have experienced before.

We can remember these Moon Shoes like it was only yesterday and no more will they need to stay as a distant memory as now we can share this awesome fun sporty toy with our kids.

Recently we were kindly gifted a pair of Moon Shoes from Character Toys and asked to try them out in return for us sharing our honest review with our readers, so keep reading to find out what the kids really thought of them.


What’s Inside the Box

When you open your Moon Shoes box you will find inside:

  • Two purple soles
  • Two Black Moon Shoes Bases
  • 40 Black Rubber straps

Inside the Box Moon Shoes .jpg 2


How to Assemble Your Moon Shoes

To assemble your Moon Shoes successfully you need to ideally know the weight of the person that’s going to bounce on the Moon Shoes. The reason for this is you need to self-assemble the Moon Shoes and after taking them out box you will need to add the number of straps to them based on the weight of the person using them, for example: –

  • If your bouncer is 60lbs or less, you only need to add one strap per slot.
  • If your bouncer is between 60 and 100lbs you need to add two straps per slot and
  • If your bouncer is between 100 and 130lbs you need to add three straps per slot

So, if you’re an adult whose weight is under around 9 stone then you too can enjoy the bouncing fun of the Moon Shoes.


Get the Most Out of Your Moon Shoes

Bouncing on your Moon Shoes are like having mini trampolines on your feet, it blows your sensory feeling of standing securely on the floor and challenges your running and walking skills.


Moon Shoes


You can have fun bouncing as high as you can or running as fast as you can or even attempt skipping or tackling an obstacle course with them.

Some top tips we can offer to be able to enjoy your Moon Shoes from our experience is to make sure you have sturdy shoes on, so do not try jumping bare foot or in flip flops as it won’t be that easy.

Also make sure you use the correct number of straps based on your weight as it will make it safer to jump and less likely that you will fall over.

And finally, be sure to tighten the Velcro straps as tight as they will go again to make the Moon Shoes safer to jump in and lower your chances of falling over.


Where to Buy Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes are suitable for children over 7 years old right up to adults, just cross reference the persons weight to know how many straps to add.

These shoes are currently available from all well-known toy stores including from Argos here and are on sale for an RRP of £30


Would we Recommend Moon Shoes to Your Family?

We all found these Moon Shoes a great laugh, the kids had never seen anything like these before and found it hilarious fun to try walking and jumping in them.


Bouncing Moon Shoes


They found them heavier than normal shoes to walk in and they likened them to having mini trampolines on their feet, which left them feeling weird after taking them off like they had sponges on the bottom of their feet.

Initially they felt a bit scared as it was such a weird feeling and we did boo boo with how many straps to add, but once we sorted that, there was no stopping them running, jumping and hopping around the garden.

The kids have enjoyed hours of fun playing with these Moon Shoes, us adults were sadly too heavy for them so didn’t tempt fate but based on how much fun the kids have had with them, we would recommend these Moon Shoes for family looking to add some active fun into their family’s life.



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