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HGL Push Poppers Set to be the New Playground Craze

Move aside fidget spinner, as we have a new strangely satisfying pocket money fidget toy heading our way, which is promising to be on every child’s wish list. The HGL Push Poppers are set to be the next playground craze and we have been checking them out to see just how popping addictive we actually found them.

Undoubtedly, inspired by the weirdly satisfying bubble wrap popping, the new craze to take over the kids wish list is Push Poppers and we have been kindly sent some to test run in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.


What are Push Poppers?

Essentially these push poppers are a sensory fidget toy. By mimicking the plastic bubble wrap that we all love popping, these push poppers from HGL offer children a fun visual, touch and sound sensory experience.

Made of flexible rubber these poppers have lines of finger size bubbles that you can push, and they make a gentle pop noise.  Once you have popped all the bubbles on one side you can flip the popper over and push the bubbles back onto the other side again.

HGL is the company that brought us fidget spinners, twerking llamas, unicorn poo and loom bands. So, we are thinking they are obviously on point when it comes to second guessing what our kids will latch onto as the next playground craze year after year!


The Popping Styles Available

There are loads of different styles of push poppers available from different shapes to different colours such as rainbow, glitter, tie dye and glow in the dark.

We were sent the super popular rainbow version and the glow in the dark version. Both felt similar, which we only make a point of mentioning as sometimes glow in the dark toys can feel different, but with these they both were as easy as each other to pop.

They are both light weight and handy size for both kids and adults’ hands, making them ideal for car journeys or sleep overs.

And the glow in the dark one…. Well in the dark it was certainly popping with brightness. You will need to leave it in front of a light for a bit to charge the glow powers, but once the lights go out it will not disappoint!


Glow in Dark Push Poppers


Benefits of Playing with Fidget Toys for Children

Some parents might be surprised to find that allowing your child to play with fidget toys can actually be really beneficial for them.

It has been proven that allowing your child to fidget with toys can give them a calming and comforting effect, making them a perfect stress reliever for people all ages that struggle with anxiety.

Fidget toys can also help children improve their concentration and focus, which can in turn increase their ease to learning.


Where to Buy your own HGL Push Poppers

These bubbletastic HGL Push Poppers are going to be available from most toy shops across the UK from the end of March, including the big toy retailers like Toymaster, Smyths and Claire’s Accessories where you will be able to pick them up for less than a fiver each, making them a fab pocket money priced fidget toy for any child over the age of three.


Would we Recommend HGL Push Poppers to Your Family?

These push poppers are already a massive global craze on social media, and they are only now starting to land in big quantities in the UK and we can totally see how they could easily be the next pocket money fidget toy craze to hit our kids school playgrounds.


@westwalesfamilylifeI think we are addicted to our new push poppers from HGL ? ##pushpopfidget ##fidgettoys ##rainbow ##glowinthedark ##pushpopbubble ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – Fidget toys!


We think this toy is not only ideal for those kids who like to fidget and fiddle, but also a great stress reliever for us adults.

Just like bubble wrap it’s so hard to resist the desire to pop these push poppers and quite honestly, they did get addictively fun, with the kids playing with them day after day.

The quality of the rubber is good so we can see them being durable over time, however if you have pets you may find that pet hair may stick to the rubber as they are almost velvet like.

We were massively impressed with just how bright the glow in the dark popper was, we placed ours next to a lamp and not even for that long and it was supper bright, but obviously the glow doesn’t last forever it will fade after a little while.

For us and all the kids it’s a huge thumbs up and yes, we would totally recommend that you should check out these Push Poppers for your family.




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