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How Our Family Dreams became Magical with 20 Dreams Game

Got up this morning and whilst pilling the cornflakes into the kid’s bowls, I started telling my Husband about this dream I had last night. That’s a common thing in our house and boy do we have some wacky dreams! But wait till you read how our dreams have got even more magical as they’ve provided our family with the best games night we’ve had in so long when we played the 20 Dreams Card Game.

Pretty much everyone we know at some point has woken up after having some sketchy dream that sticks in your mind so much that you can’t help but share it with your family, friend or work colleague.

And that’s why we thought it would be a good laugh to try out this new card game 20 Dreams and were so excited when we were gifted a game to try out in return for us sharing our honest review with our readers.


What’s Inside the Box

Inside the 20 Dreams Box you will find 200 cards which are made up of:

20 Dreams Coloured Packs 2

  • 60 Picture Cards
  • 7 Packs of 20 Emotion Cards
  • And you will also get a Rules Booklet
  • The box itself, that the cards come in is also useable during play, as it doubles as the Penalty Box


How to Play 20 Dreams Card Game

20 Dreams Card Game is really easy to play and enjoy for all the family and this is how to play it.

To start each player picks a coloured pack of emotion cards, then from the white emotion cards pack you should take one of the cards out and without looking put it to the side out of play. The reason for this is so when you come to the end it won’t be so obvious what the last emotions are, meaning you can keeping guessing right until the end.

You can either amicably decide which player is going to go first or you can use the white emotion cards to help decide. To use the white emotion cards to decide you simply have to pick a card each and the person who has the most little people on your card goes first.

Next you need to shuffle the large pack of picture cards


20 Dreams Picture Cards


Then select three of the picture cards and place them face up in the middle of the table making sure everyone can see them.


20 Dreams 3 Picture Cards 2


The person who is going first then selects a white emotion card, making sure no one can see this card.


20 Dreams White Emotional Cards


That same person, then starts by telling their dream by saying “Last Night I had a Dream….” They have to get creative and think up a dream that involves the three picture cards that have been selected. However, they have to tell the story whilst also expressing the emotion that was on the white emotion card that they secretly selected.

So, for example if the emotion card is “Happy” they have to tell the dream in a happy way, or by saying something that would indicate they were happy, but without actually saying they were happy.

Once they have told the story of their dream, they end by saying “And I woke up Feeling….”

This is when everyone else who are playing has to guess what emotion they were trying to express, everyone can guess by picking the emotion card they think it is from their coloured pack of emotions putting their guess down in front of everyone at the same time.


20 Dreams Guessing the Emotion 2


The person that told the dream collects all the correct matching emotion cards guessed by other players and puts them in their own points pile, they also put the matching emotion card from their own-coloured pack into this point pile.

All the players that didn’t guess the emotion correctly puts their wrongly guessed card back into their coloured pack and takes the correct emotion card from their coloured pack and puts it into the penalty box so it is now out of play.

If no one guesses the emotion correctly then everyone including the person telling the dream has to put the correct matching emotion from their coloured packs into the penalty box.

The three picture cards that were used is then placed to the bottom of the picture cards pile and play then moves onto the next person.

You can end the game at any point as long as every player has had the same number of turns telling their dream.

To determine who wins you simply count out the number of cards in your points pile in front of you and you get one point for each of them. But then you also need to go through the penalty box and count up how many of your coloured cards are in there and deduct one point from your score for every card you have in the penalty box, giving you your end score.


The winner ultimately is the person that has the most points/cards in their point pile.



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♬ Dreamy – Elijah Lee



Benefit of Creative Storytelling for Kids

This 20 Dreams card game really gets you thinking creatively to be able to tell the story of the dream. We think that creative storytelling has many benefits for Kids and some of the benefits we have seen with our kids includes:

  • Helps develop emotional intelligence.
  • Helps build relationships.
  • Helps with cultural understanding.
  • Helps develop a sense of empathy.
  • Helps encourage children to listen to others.


WIN Your Very Own 20 Dreams Card Game

We are lucky enough to have been given a 20 Dreams Card Game to give away to our followers, if you want to Enter our Competition and try your luck. Enter our Free Competition Now Here


Where to Buy 20 Dreams Card Game

20 Dreams card game is suitable for children over 12 years old, however the game play can easily be changed so younger kids can play too, all you need to do is take the more difficult emotions out, this will make it easier for younger kids and also make the game play a bit shorter.

This game is currently only available direct from the creator’s website here for £14.99, which includes free UK delivery, but as time goes on, no doubt it will become available in more and more places.


Would we Recommend 20 Dreams Card Game to Your Family?


20 Dreams Card Focus Dream 2


Absolutely, we loved how as a family we could use our dreams and imagination to play such a hilarious game together. It really did stretch the emotional intelligence of both adults and children.

It was super insightful to gain a glimpse into the minds of our teenagers, which too if we are honest, as parents can be a helpful tool to ensure they are doing ok.

This 20 Dreams storytelling card game we found to be extremely easy to play and a super clever way to get the kids to play an educational game without them knowing they are, as it’s a game that they just won’t see as being educational.

We found this game to be fab for exploring your creative side as you basically win when you successfully express different emotions so well that others can guess them. Challenging your imagination, it’s a game that teaches you to articulate feelings through storytelling.

Some of the dreams our families created were hilarious making this now a firm favourite to be included in our future family games nights and also we can see it being bought for many gifts for upcoming family and friends birthdays and Christmas. Which is why we would totally recommend families check this out for themselves as we thought it was awesome fun card game.



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