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Meet Fetch the New MoBots from Hexbug

Fetch is a voice changing robot and one of the three New MoBots from Hexbug, which the kids have been putting to the test to see if he is worth adding to the Present Wish List

This is another Robot Collection being released from Hexbug called MoBots and they are going to bring smiles to all Robot Lover as they get their hands on them and get to know their quirky little personalities.

As we have mentioned before all our kids love anything robot and futuristic when it comes to toys, so we were so exciting when we were asked if we would like to try out the new MoBots from Hexbug in return for sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.


Fetch MoBot has Skills

Say Hi to Fetch…… He is a real cutie and he is also the largest of the three new robots in the MoBots Collection from Hexbug, his small friends are called Ramblez and MiMix.

Fetch can be controlled by a dinky little handheld remote control and he has some fun skills that he is not shy to show off.


Fetch MoBots holding Pot of Playdoh

Heavy Lifter

Fetch is a strong little robot, he comes with a basket that you can place loads of different items in for him to carry around, however he can also carry items without the basket, as on the remote control there are buttons that let you open and close his arms, to help him grab items.

Fetch can carry heavy items such as full drink cans and close his arms to hold items as thin and light as a piece of paper, which is all rather impressive and fun to try out with different objects.


Mean Mover

Fetch is a keen dancer bless him. On the back of Fetch you can switch him into character mode and then clap your hands twice and he will start dancing away which is super funny.

And he is not a slow coach when he moves around, using the remote control you can make him turn in a 360° Degree rotation, forward and back and unlike many other robots he can go on and off all different surfaces with no problems.


Voice Changer

Fetch has very special voice modulating technology, which means he can record and replay your voice back to you and also add some cool effects to it.

Fetch is a chitty chatty little robot, loving to talk away, if you place him next to his other MoBots friends they will all chat away in their own robot language.



Where can you Buy Fetch

Fetch MoBots from Hexbug Remote Control

Fetch Mobots comes in three colours, we have the orange Fetch, but he also comes in blue or green. Fetch is aimed at children over 3 years old and usefully comes with batteries already installed.

You can get your very own Hexbug Fetch MoBots online from Bargain Max for £29.99 with free delivery


Would we Recommend Fetch MoBots for Your Child?

What we thought of Fetch mobots

For sure we would totally recommend Fetch for any family that have Robot fans in them, as he doesn’t disappoint.

The remote control you get to manoeuvre Fetch around, is perfectly sized for ickle hands which made it easy and comfortable for the kids to play with for long durations.

We were very Impressed with his moving skills, as we had him whizzing along on wood flooring and then straight onto a very thick carpet and he transitioned between the two without a problem or delay and he moved just as fast on both surfaces, which was just fab.

And his little trick of changing how your voice sounds had our kids in fits of giggles and they spent hours getting Fetch to say all manner of things.

So yes, we would 100% recommend that families check MoBots out, as I know we have a real soft spot for Fetch Now!



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