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Meet the Cry Pets Puppy Who Can Cry Real Tears

Have you seen the latest Plush Puppy that can Cry Real Tears? After some Cute Cuddles with the Cry Pets Puppy keep reading to see what we thought

With huge water filled eyes you can help but go Awww…. at the latest Cry Pets Plush Puppy emotion filled fluffy face. We recently got sent a Cry Pets Puppy and asked if we could share with our you are honest thoughts.


Meet Steve our Cry Pets Puppy

LATEST NEWS Cry Pets Big Puppy Cuddle

Meet Steve, I know Steve is an interesting choice for a little girl to call her teddy, but we have loads of Steve’s in her bedroom she seems very taken by the name for some reason lol. But latest Steve is not like all the others as this Steve can cry real watery tears bless him. Because this Steve is one of the New Emotion Pets from Cry Pets.

Emotion Pets are little interactive animals that needs loads of love care and cuddles. Our newly named Steve is a Cry Pet Puppy and he shows real emotions as he cries real watery tears down his fluffy cheeks, after his sparkly turquoise eyes fills up.


How you Make your Cry Pets Puppy Cry

With your Cry Pet Puppy you get a little baby bottle and towel. You squeeze the water bottle in water to fill it up.


LATEST NEWS Water Bottle Close Up


Then as you place the bottle in the puppy’s mouth and squeeze you will see his cute little eyes fill up with water


LATEST NEWS Water bottle Cry Pets Cuddle


LATEST NEWS Cry Pets Puppy Water Filled Eyes


How you make him cry is by squeezing his little paw, which pushes the water out of his eyes.


LATEST NEWS Cry Pets Real Tear from Eye


LATEST NEWS Cry Pets Real Tear from Eye 2


Which is when you can use your little towel to catch and wipe his tears away.


Where to Buy Your Own Cry Pets

Emotion Pets Cry Pets are suitable for children over the age of 2 years old and are available instore at Tesco with an RRP of £19.99 and should also be available online with Tesco shortly.


Would we Recommend Cry Pets?

LATEST NEWS Cry Pets Cuddle Water Filled Eyes

The Cry Pets Puppy is a great way for children to learn how to look after their pet, understanding their physical and emotional needs, like giving them a drink and wiping away there tears and cuddling and talking reassuring words to cheer them up.

Steve as our Cry Pets Puppy has been called is super soft and has the most adorable big eyes. He is the perfect size for child size cuddles and we think that he definitely encourages imaginative and nurturing play for our little one.

As any parent we love toys that can successfully teach responsibility and help them explore a range of emotions, empathy and compassion to our child and Little Steve definitely does that.

We would totally recommend these Cry Pets to other families as we think a Steve could make a wonderful addition to your little ones plush toy collection and indeed a fab present idea for both Christmas or Birthdays.





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