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Meet the Voice Changing Squeakee Mini Heelie

Have you seen the latest Voice Changing Squeakee Mini Kids Toys? If you’re after a different type of interactive fun play for your little one, keep reading to see what we thought of the New Squeakee Mini pets.

If you remember the big Squeakee Balloon Dog that was one of the hottest Christmas Kids Toys of 2020, then these little guys might look rather familiar to you, as they are the latest in the collection of Squeakee Interactive toys and we have been lucky enough to have been sent a Squeakee Mini in return for sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.


Meet Heelie our Squeakee Mini


Squeakee Mini Heelie 2


There are three of these new Squeakee Minis to collect. We were sent Heelie the puppy who is a cool blue colour, but you can also collect Poppy the Bunny who is a bright pink colour and Billo the Monkey who is a funky purple colour.

All three of the Squeakee Minis have the exact same interactive features, the only difference being when you pet your little animal the petting zone is in a different place.

On Heelie the puppy the petting zone is on his nose, on Poppy and Billo its on their heads.


How to Enjoy Squeakee Mini Interactive Play Features

These Squeakee Minis have three interactive play features for your kids to enjoy: –

Talk Back

If you press and hold the balloon nose then you can record a message up to four seconds long, which will then be repeated back to you, but it changes your voice into a funny high pitched helium voice.



Like most family pets your little Squeakee Mini will let you know that it loves to get petted. If you stroke its nose or head, then it will squeak back at you. The more you pet them the more excited they get.



Like any balloon the more you fill them with air the greater the chance of them popping is and you can make your Squeakee Mini pop. Simply blow into the balloon nose and you will hear your Squeakee Mini inflate. Keep going and you will even hear them Pop!


@westwalesfamilylifeLoving Heelie Our New Squeakee Mini… He is Popping Lol ? ##SqueakeeMinis ##KidsToys ##ToysForKids ##ForYouPage

♬ The Hamster Dance Song – Hampster Dance Masters


Where to Buy Your Own Squeakee Mini

These Squeakee Interactive Mini toys are suitable for children over the age of 5 years old and are available from Amazon here at the RRP of £9.99


Would we Recommend these Voice Changing Squeakee Minis to Your Family?

Absolutely, all our kids of all different ages loved playing with our little Heelie Squeakee Mini Puppy and we can see how it would be ideal as an alternative Easter gift, Birthday present or even make a perfect Christmas Stocking Filler.


inflate Squeakee Mini Heelie 2


A top tip when you first take your Squeakee Mini out of its packaging it will be in demo mode, so you will need to flip it over and move the switch over to the on position. There is also an off position and the other bonus is when your child stops playing with their Squeakee Mini it will automatically go into sleep mode which will save on the battery life.

These little Squeakee Minis look like an animal balloon model but they are actually made of a hard material, so they are durable and most definitely not going to pop.

These Squeakee Minis for sure offer the same amount of fun and cuteness as the large balloon dog did, just these are much dinkier in size.

We felt the compact size of these new interactive toys made them ideal for travelling or taking on sleep overs, while still being large enough that you don’t lose them, and as big fans we are already eagerly waiting to see what the next addition to the Squeakee collection is going to be for us to collect.





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