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New Ideas for Family Games Night, Pick Up Pete and Shoot the Poop

As evenings get darker earlier indoors playtime increases and like most parents, we’re on a constant mission to not rely on screentime to entertain the family. Keen to find New Ideas for a Fun Family Game Night, we have been playing Pick Up Pete and Shoot the Poop, keep reading to find out if we would recommend them.

Like many of you we love enjoying a Family Games Night and good child friendly games are amazing at teaching kids some brilliant skills, just like these two new games that we have recently been gifted from Flair GP to try out with the kids, in return for us sharing with you our honest thoughts about them.

Pick up Pete and Shoot the Poop are new family games that both have easy game play, but are they so easy to play that they don’t keep the kids entertained we hear you ask, well lets tell you more.


Pick Up Pete

Pete the Pick Up

Pick Up Pete Game can be played with 2-4 players and is aimed at children 3+. It’s a colourful game that’s really easy for the kids to learn how to play, especially with the younger kids. Pete is a cute little motorised self-driving pick-up truck, when you unbox, him you will need to stick a few stickers on him and pop two AA batteries into him, then off he goes driving round and round in circles in front of you.

Pick Up Pete comes with 24 little chairs, 6 in four different colours. As he moves around each player has to take it in turn to balance and stack their coloured chairs on the back of him. If one falls off then you have to keep trying, unless the whole pile of chairs falls on your turn then you are out of the game. Ultimately the winner is the first player to stack all their chairs successfully.

Pete the Pick Up Stacking

It’s simple fun and a great race game against the other players. In all fairness the kids did enjoy playing this game and whilst its easy to understand how to play, it is a bit more trickier to play it, with some creative moves needed to secure the win. In fact we found this game to be really versatile in that you can make it easier or harder to play depending on how risky you are with your chair stacking, placing them more in hope to throw the other players moves than safeguarding yours.

Pick up Pete for sure kept the little ones happy and entertained for a good length of time, plus when only two were playing they decided to still use all the 24 chairs, so each player had two colours rather than one, this also added to length of play for them.


Shoot the Poop Game

Shoot the Poo Toilet

Ok so we never thought that we would be encouraging the kids to play with poop, but yup, there we were with this game! Strange as it seems, you can’t help but giggle your way through cheering the kids on to aim a little more to the left or right before flinging their poop lol.

Shoot the Poop Game can be played by 2 people and is aimed at plus 5-year olds and when unboxing there is a little assembly that is needed as you add batteries and put the toilet together. Then each player gets 6 rubbery style different coloured poops and a catapult aka poop flinger as the kids renamed it.

Shoot the Poo Catapult

To play, each player takes a poop launcher, they lift open the toilet lid and try their best to shoot their coloured poop into the toilet. The overall winner is the first player to successfully get all their poops inside the toilet and shutting the toilet lid. Really this is a simple hilarious game that the whole family can play.

Don’t worry you won’t be spending ages rummaging around the inside of a toilet to retrieve your poop to play again, because cleverly they have made the bottom of the toilet hollow, so you just have to lift it up to get your poop and play again .

Shoot the Poo Faces

We really enjoyed this game and actually we found it quite easy to get lost in a good hour and a half fun playtime with it, and of course the whole poop theme was not only instantly accepted by the kids, but it was also adored, providing an unstoppable gigglefest!


Providing Perfect Playtime

Tabletop games are the perfect way to enjoy some family fun time together that doesn’t involve screen time and they actually have some hidden educational benefits for the kids as well. Like these two games, we thought they were brilliant for developing children’s hand-eye coordination skills and precise motor control.

Tabletop Games are our families’ go to, to keep all the family happy and entertained when spending time indoors so its important to switch them up from time to time, adding only good ones they will want to play with.

For us we found all the kids enjoyed how simplistic these two were for the them to understand how to play, they took next to no time to get playing with after unboxing them and they were challenging enough to keep them engaged for a decent length of time.

Thumbs are up on these game options from us and we have to say with Christmas family get togethers not too far away we think these would be an affordable gifting option for kids as Pick Up Pete retails for £22 and Shoot the Poop can be picked up for £27 from The Entertainer.



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