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New Treasure X Toy is Predicated to be Next Big Must Have

Have you seen the New Treasure X toys hitting the shops yet? Just released from the same company that gave our kids favourites like Shopkins, Little Live Pets and Pikmi Pops Surprise. This new Multi layered unboxing collectible toy even offers the chance to find Real Gold Treasure!

Treasure X is set to capture the imaginations of children around the world with its multi layered unboxing process complete with the ultimate surprise reveal. Fans will be entertained with superior levels of play as they dig their way through, uncovering the chance to find real gold-plated treasure.

Kids will rip, dig and fizz their way past multiple layers to discover the secrets hidden within. Then, they will uncover one of 24 collectible action figures, each with their own distinctive weapon which they assemble and add to their collection.

Treasure X Article image

Chest Treasure X

What is said to make Treasure X unique is that it gives fans ten levels of adventure throughout the unboxing experience so that they truly begin playing with the toy from the moment they receive it.

Ronnie Frankowski, CMO at Moose Toys said “We are so excited to finally be able to share this amazing new toy with our fans, The anticipation and overwhelming interest from retailers around the world has been building since we first previewed it at this year’s toy fairs.”

Already being touted as a potential top toy of the year, Treasure X has started to appear in early holiday gift guides around the world.

Treasure X, on sale early at Smyths in the UK, with others stores stocking them from August. Price wise they will be selling at £9.99 for a single toy or a three-chest pack with set you back £29.99, so not exactly a pocket money toy, but one to keep an eye on to purchase now if indeed it does make it onto Christmas Wish List and stock levels don’t meet demand!

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