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PARENT REVIEW: Pikmi Pops Large Unicorn

Find out exactly what you get inside these Large Pikmi Pops lollipops filled with plush toys and read what our thoughts are in regard to value for money.

So often we look at large colourful toys on the shop shelves and struggle to see what really is inside and then end up questioning if its worth the money. That’s exactly what we thought about these large lollipop toy, so thought we would share what we found with you.

The Pikmi Pops are actually in season 3 now, however our daughter specifically wanted the unicorn one, hence why we bought the season 2 one, although the content is pretty much the same. These hard-plastic lollipops are quite expensive with prices ranging from £19.99 – £22.99 for one.

What’s Inside

First off, I have to say the excitement factor was totally there when we were opening it, and instantly as you do unwrap it you are met with such an AMAZING smell, each plush toy has its own scent and the Unicorn is suppose to have a marshmallow smell, although we would best describe it as a more candy floss mixed with chocolate smell, either way it was lush

The unicorn plush toy is really well made, super soft and fluffy and pretty much the same size as the lollipop, so don’t think that it expands larger when you take it out as it doesn’t, it is around 7 inches high.

Pikmi Pops in article images

Additionally, the unicorn comes with 3 unicorn danglers on coloured string, they are really quite small, not something I would be happy to leave lying around for the dog to get and I would have to agree with the suggested age on the wrapper saying 5 year plus, I could totally see younger kids putting these in their mouths. You also get a tiny little envelope type note that you unfold and it says “Let’s go chase some rainbows” To be fair the danglers were totally ignored and placed back in the lollipop container, the note was of no interest at all, not even read and only the unicorn was played with after.

Value for Money

So, to keep it real your paying around £20 for a 7-inch teddy. Its super soft, fluffy and smells AMAZING even days afters. It put the biggest smile on our daughters face and it hasn’t left her side since, so for us I would say its good value for money, especially when you compare it to what we have paid for a certain bear you stuff in a certain shop, which you feel obliged to buy clothes for! and best of all we didn’t have to queue for hours to buy this lol….

However, as I said it’s still a 7-inch fluffy toy for £20 so, if £20 is a lot of money for you at the minute then there is for sure cheaper options of cuddle toys that your child will love just as much, but if you can spare £20 then your little one won’t be disappointed in these in our opinion


If your little one is a fan of Pikmi Pops, did you know you can get them some free treats? If you Click Here to Visit the Pikmi Pops Official Website, under activities section you will be able to print off colouring sheets, Door hangers, DIY Bookmarks and if your planning a birthday party you can download free bunting and party invites.




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