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Ravel Tales Plush Toy and Craft Kit Unboxing and Review

Our kids are totally besotted with mystery blind pack and reveal style toys, so when we heard about the new Ravel Tales Collectable Toys that includes Crafts for the Kids, we were very excited to check them out.

Ravel Tales is a new addition to the mystery reveal trend of toys and are hitting the stores in the UK now.

Ravel Tales is a Fun Fluffy Ball of Yarn that Kids unwind to uncover 9 surprises, including craft activities, accessories, and a collectable Plush Ravel Tales characters. The more kids unwind, the more they will find.

We have been very lucky to have been kindly sent two of the New Series 1 Ravel Tales in return for us sharing with you our honest thoughts about them.


Unboxing Ravel Tales Toy

Ravel Tales are aimed at children over 5 years old.

Series 1 includes 12 different Toy characters and 2 super rare characters to collect. The plush collectable toys are fluffy and cute and include puppies, kittens, bears and ponies.

Our children got very exciting unwinding the big ball of colourful yarn, as it seemed to go on forever which they found very funny!

The first layer is a thick fluffy yarn, followed by a second layer of super bright thinner yarn and then the third layer is thinner again and is the most exciting as it’s the last layer before the kids find out which quirky character they have got wrapped inside the pretty fabric.

Once you have unraveled everything each piece of yarn has little stickers on them to tell you exactly what craft you should be using it for, which we thought was really useful and well thought out for the kids.



What’s included Inside the Ravel Tales Box

Inside every box you will get:

  • All different lengths and thickness of bright colourful yarn.
  • A plastic (not sharp) needle to thread the yarn into and sew with
  • 2 charms for your friendship bracelets
  • 1 charm with the pets name on it for the pet collar
  • Two pretty pieces of fabric to use to make the pet pillow
  • A pom pom maker tool
  • A keyring hoop for the pom pom to attach to
  • 1 Cute Plush Character Toy

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tale Inside the Box

You also get an instruction sheet and Collectors Card so you can tick off which ones you have.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tales Collectors Card


Kids Crafts Inside Ravel Tales

Once you have unravelled everything you will be able to make two friendship bracelets with charms, which you do by braiding the thinner yarn together.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tales Bracelets

Also by braiding the thin yarn you can make an adorable pet collar that has the pets name on it.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tale Pet Collar

Using the included Pom Pom maker, with the thicker brighter yarn you can make a pom pom keyring to clip onto your jacket zip or rucksack.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tale Pom Pom

The two pretty pieces of fabric you sew together and fill with the super thick and soft yarn to make your pet a comfy Pet Pilllow.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tale Pet Pillow

After making all the items we had plenty of yarn left over to make more bracelets or a necklace and more pom poms, obviously without the charms and keyring clip but we made them any way just for fun.

The instructions included are really easy to follow for each craft, even the youngest managed to follow them easily and the instructions sheet even has a handy measuring ruler across the bottom, they really have thought of everything and you literally just need a pair of scissor to create all the crafts inside.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tale Instructions Page 1

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tale Instructions Page 2


Where are Ravel Tales on Sale in UK

Ravel Tales are new to the UK and currently on sale at Argos and Smyths Toy Superstores. They are selling for £10 at Argos and £9.99 at Smyths and both shops offer click and collect or home delivery if you’re looking to not go to shops or want to spend as little time in store as possible, but still treat the kids.


Would we Recommend these Products?

Yes… Yes… Yes… To be fair we cant fault these reveal toys and the kids faces as they unravelled them were just priceless, they were hooked and so excited equally to find what character they had got and to actually make all the crafts.

It was lovely to have a fluffy decent size collectable good quality toy paired with productive skill learning tasks. The kids learned how to sew and with it being a thick plastic needle and thick yarn it wasn’t too fiddly for them so they didn’t get frustrated easily.

They also got to learn how to braid and how to make pom poms, with the added bonus now we have a pom pom maker, so it means all we need to do is get them some more yarn and it’s a craft they can do again and again.

We would definitely say that the crafts included seem well designed for age range of plus 5 years as nothing is too fiddly or massively time consuming. The kids stayed engaged with the little makes from start to finish.

LATEST NEWS Ravel Tales on Boxes

Comparing the price point to other toys of this nature on sale in the UK we do think that it is good value for money and we thought they could make a great take away gift for kids birthday parties instead of making up goodie bags thanking everyone for coming.



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Ravel Tales Toys




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