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Review and How to Play Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball

If your family is as mad about Marvel as we are, you are going to love to check out our Review about and Guide on How to Play the New Battleworld Battle Ball from Funko Games

All the kids and big kids in our Family are mad about Marvel so we were super excited when we were recently sent one of the New Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball to play with in return for us sharing our honest thoughts about them with you.


What is Marvel Battleworld?

LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Image


Thanos has created a new world as part of his new masterplan to conquer the universe. Using the infinity gauntlet, he has created Battleworld.

Battleworld is a new planet that is made up of a patchwork of different world continents, which has portals between them.

Thanos traps all the most powerful heroes and villains in the multiverse inside mysterious thanostones and drops them into his new battleworld.

Thanos plan is to capture all his possible threats from across the multiverse and bring them to his new Battleworld, so with them out of the way he will be able to destroy their worlds and all worlds.


What’s Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls?


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball


These Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls are a brand new first of a kind toy range from Funko and Marvel. They are a collectible tabletop game which contain exclusive collectible Marvel figures and is designed to be played by either one or two players, with an age guidance of 6 years and above.

These Marvel Battleworld Balls also allows you to collect your favourite Marvel Heroes like Ironman, Groot and Captain Marvel, before releasing them to battle and overturn the power of the super villain, Mad Titan Thanos, so they can return home to their own worlds.

There are 30 heroes to collect and you can also come across characters from deep inside the Marvel universe such characters from Earth 8311 like Ant-Ant, Captain Americat, Croctor Strange and Spider-Ham, as you try and win a possible 60 battles.


What’s Inside the Marvel Battleworld Ball?

Inside each Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball you will find:

  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Hero Card
  • 1 Thanostone containing 1 Mystery Hero
  • 1 Mystery Hero Card
  • 5 Battle Cards
  • 1 Attack Die
  • 5 Danger Tokens
  • 1 Danger Coin
  • Instruction Sheet

Each Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball comes completely sealed, so you have no way of knowing what heroes you are going to get until you open your Battle ball.

The heroes we got inside our Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball was Dino-Thor and then inside our Thanostone we got the blue (space) infinity Captain Marvel


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Heroes


How Do you Play Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Game?


The Overall Objective

The objective of the game is to win enough battles and the number of battles you need to win is on the instructions sheet, it is dependent on how many heroes you are playing with. So, for us with one battle ball we needed to win 3 battles.


Step 1

To start you need to get your hero ready and you simply do this by turning the hero card over to the colour side. Each hero card gives you all the info you need to know for that hero to be able to win a battle.

There are four categories of powers on each hero card, there is no set name for them, but they basically are a whirlwind, a fist, an explosion and brain. Next to each icon will have your hero’s power number for that power.

The hero we got in our Battleworld Ball is Dino-Thor and his powers that we can use in battles are +4 of fist and +2 of whirlwind. We have zero on the brain or explosion.

On each hero card there is also an additional written power that you can use to try and win a battle. On our hero power card our power reads – “RAGE When Dino-Thor misses Attacks at Battles (picture of fist), do not advance (picture of danger token)


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Dino Thor Hero


Once your hero is ready you then need to add a battle, to do this you basically draw one battle card from your stack, doesn’t matter where you put it in front of you as long as you make sure all your battle cards have a side touching each other.

Adding battles to your game is your way of randomly building up your battleworld and who you are fighting, which is fun but also means it varies every time you play.

You can play Marvel Battleworld with one ball no problem, but obviously the more battleworld cards you have means you have a larger variation to play with and more heroes, with different powers to try and win with.


Step 2

Once you have added to your battle, it’s time to move and attack. If you look on your battlecard you will see it has a health number for example this Hulk Eater Plant card has a 9 so for us to win the battle we need to get higher than 9


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Battle Card


To do this you need to decide what power you are going to try and attack with. As our hero Dino-Thor has no explosion power we can’t win the hulk eater plant world with that power, so we will need to challenge with our fist power. Essentially you need to battle with whatever symbol is your highest power.

Roll your attack die, add the number you roll to the number of the power on your hero card, so for example we rolled a 6, so we will add that to the 4 on our power card giving us a total of 10 and as that is higher than the 9 on the Hulk Eater plant card it means we win that battle and move our hero Dino-Thor onto the hit track, the blue space on the bottom of the battle card.

Obviously if we had rolled say a 3 when you add it to the 4 on the power card we would have got 7 which is lower than the battleworld 9 so we would have lost that battle.

If you win/hit, you move your hero figure onto the blue space on the hit track. If you lose you place a little red danger token on a red space on the miss track at the top of the card.

Each battle card has a different number of blue spaces on it, the cards we got you need to either win 2 or one times, but they all have 3 red miss spaces.

If when rolling the attack die you get the thanos face it means you automatically miss or if you roll the star it means you automatically win/hit.


Step 3

Then the last step is advance danger, for this you need to flip the danger coin. If it lands on the moon side you add one red danger token on the battle card if it has a moon and vice versa if it lands on the sun.


How to Win or Lose a Battle Card

You keep doing step 1, 2 and 3 moving your hero figure onto the next blue space every time you win or adding a red danger token to the miss track every time you lose.

Once your figure is on the last blue space of the track you have won that battle card and you then turn the card over.

Once you have three red danger tokens you have lost that battle card and you should turn the card over and place one red token on top of it.

If you lose 3 battle cards, then you have lost overall. To win overall you need to win the number of battle cards depending on how many heroes you are playing with see the chart below. So, we need to win 3 as we are playing with one hero.


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Win Chart


Thanostone Battle

You generally will only do a thonstone battle when you have a new Marvel Battleworld Ball. Inside your new ball you will have a bright orange thanostone with a mystery mini hero inside.

A Thanostone battle is basically the exact same as any other battle its just means once you win that battle card you get to open the thanostone and find out who your new hero is and open their hero card to find out what their powers are.


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Thanostone


You don’t have to do a thanostone battle, but you can also still do one even if you don’t have a new thanostone to open, as you could just put all your other heroes onto a bag and randomly pick one out.


Where to buy Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls

The Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball we have retails at £6.99 and can be bought in stores such as Tesco, Asda and Smyths Toy Store or online from Amazon Here

You can also buy a larger set which has 6 heroes inside it, this allows you to assemble a bigger hero squad and for more than 2 people to play it as you will have more heroes and battlecards, or play on your own with a larger ability of variations.


Marvel Battleworld Cartoon Series

To run along side this new Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls launch your kids can enjoy watching the Marvel heroes adventures in the Marvel Battleworld cartoon series. This Cartoon Series can be watched on Disney XD channel or via the Marvel HQ YouTube Channel


Would we Recommend Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball?


LATEST NEWS Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Playing


Ok so first off, we must be honest and say, this for us was not the easiest of games to get our head around on how to play it.

Its not that the instructions weren’t clear its just we seriously needed to get our concentration heads on from start to finish of reading the instruction, as they are quite involved.

However, on the flip side once the grown ups got their heads around it, we found it pretty easy to then explain it to the kids in a way they could understand it. So, your takeaway from this could be that your child might need grown-ups help to them understand the objective of the game, so don’t expect them to just crack on themselves.

Overall, the game concept is good, there is obviously an element of luck to the game dependant on what you roll on the die and what battle cards you pick. And this is probably more noticeable with just one Battleworld Ball, as the more battle cards you have adds to a larger variety in your games.

Similarly the more Battleworld Balls you have, will allow you to bring much more of a Skill element into your battles because you will need skills on picking the right hero to play with and who to pair them up with based on each heroes individual powers.

Another thing we should highlight is the thanostone is made from like a thick orange card material and you have to break into it, it was a bit hard for our kids to break into on their own, so a grown up had to help, so that’s worth noting. But once that’s opened you never need to do that again, so it’s very much a one-off issue.

There is scope to grow with this game in that you can follow the chart in regard to the number of wins you need based on how many heroes you’re playing with. But if you want to make it easier for younger players you can just lower the target and similarly increase it for older kids to make it harder.

The Quality of the Battle Cards and Marvel Mini Figures were good and detailed. Its super handy that is all fits inside the ball which makes it convenient to take on your travels, making it an ideal game to take on sleepovers or holidays.

All in all, we would highly recommend this Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball Game for any kids that are Marvel Fans or Trading Card Game Lovers.




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