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REVIEW: Build Your Own Honeybee

Build Your Own Kits are leading designers of sustainably made STEM toys and their mini builds like this Honeybee can be a fab activity for all the family to get involved with. Check out our review and see if your child would like to build their own.

If your little one likes to build things, then this could be the perfect gift for them. All the kids were excited when we got sent one of the Build Your Own Mini to make, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts to if we think it is worth adding to your family’s toy collection.


What’s Inside the Box

in the box honeybee byo kit

Inside the Honeybee Mini Build Box, you will find:

  • 20 press-out parts made from good quality sustainable cardboard and paper.
  • Instruction sheet


Building Your Own BYO Honeybee

Build your Own Kits comes in large and small sets. The mini builds include Dinosaurs, Endangered Animals and Insects themed kits. Other to this Honeybee we’ve been sent you can get a Ladybird, Dragonfly and Stag Beetle in the insect collection.

Like most parents, we get hacked off with the volume of plastic some of the kids’ toys use, especially in their packaging. Well, you don’t need to fret about that with these Build Your Own Kits as they have been made very much with the environment in mind. All the Build Your Own sets are made with a mix of premium paper and cardboard, with no nasties or pointless packaging and you won’t need any glue to build your kits.

To start building you just got to pop all the shapes out of the card and then use the instruction sheet to follow which part slots into the next.

half built honeybee byo kit

Each mini kit has between 15 and 27 pieces and are aimed at kids over 8 years old and it’s estimated that they will take around 20 minutes to build them. Before you pick the one you want to build its handy to read on the front the rating of how hard it is to build, this Honeybee was level two and was not to challenging for the kids to enjoy building.

Up close honeybee byo kit from top

It also comes with a press-out Honeybee Fact Stand for you to find out more about this vitally important insect and something that impressed the kids was how once built they can pull the tab to makes the wings move, giving it a little extra to their playtime




Where to Buy Your Own BYO Honeybee

Build Your Own Honeybee Mini Builds are aimed at kids 8 years and over and can found online at Build Your Own or Amazon with price at RRP of £9.99


Would we Recommend BYO Honeybee to Your Family?

Up close honeybee byo kit

From our experience we have to say the cardboard is good quality and makes for a sturdy creation. For younger kids they may need a bit of help from grownups, but totally think the build time of 20 minutes is realistic for most.

We loved that there is no mess for us grownups to clear up after, as there is no use of glue needed and we were impressed with how big our honeybee turned out to be once built. Another cool feature was how when you pull the tab the honeybee wings move making your feel like its flying, that blew the kids mind to how clever its built to be able do that.

We think this mini build offers a great fun,  educational and plastic free option for gifting to your child that is great value for money, we would 100% recommend it to families to check out, as a wonderful rainy-day activity or ideal to take on your holidays to keep the kids entertained on road trips or flights as it doesn’t take the up lots of space.



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