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REVIEW: Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

Kids can get creative and build their very own working Kaleidoscope made from sustainable cardboard. This planet-friendly toy kit could be the creative bit of fun you have been looking for, to keep your little one happy during the school holidays.

This multi-functional kit can provide hours of fun, as kids can enjoy slotting together this cardboard kit to be able to watch vibrant colours and patterns change before their eyes. This February half term we were sent this Build Your Own new eco-friendly, STEM-inspired Kaleidoscope from Build Your Own, to enjoy some creative fun with the kids, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and if we think it is worth adding to your family’s toy collection.


What’s Inside the Box

BYO Kaledioscope inside your box

Inside the Build Your Own Kaleidoscope Box, you will find:

  • 59 press-out parts
  • 3x mirrors
  • 6x printed pattern discs
  • 12x pattern tiles


Making Your Own Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

To get started building this beauty you will need to first grab the fab instruction booklets, there’s two of them, A4 size with great step by step visual instructions to follow inside. As well as the clever and uber useful pop out tool that makes life so much easier as it helps you pop out the cardboard inside the slots.

BYO Kaledioscope Tools

The first part you have to build is the detachable mirrored tube, by simply folding the tube into a cone like shape and dropping on the hexagonal rings to hold it in place, before inserting the mirrored triangle section.

BYO Kaledioscope Detachable tube up close

BYO Kaledioscope Detachable tube

Next you will need to work on the part that makes the tray turn, which works like a cog and sturdy enough that kids can turn and turn again without the worry of it stopping. Once you have nailed this you can slot together the tall frame.

BYO Kaledioscope slotting together

Then finally you have to build the clever little draw that sits under the whole detachable tube. It’s a useful part too as this is where you can neatly store all the tiles and patterns.

BYO Kaledioscope last stage

To use the Kaleidoscope you simply place all different tiles, discs, or patterns from the draw into the tray to look at as you turn the cog on the side to rotate the tray. What’s fab is kids imagination can grow as their are plenty space for them to place all different types of objects in the tray like petals or leaves or coloured beads, to see what different types of patterns or colourful mosaics they can create.

BYO Kaledioscope Tray

The advantage of the mirrored tube coming off the frame is that it can be taken with your little one on their travels and used as a teleidoscope so they can have fun looking at all the objects around them.

BYO Kaledioscope finished

From start to finish your looking around and hour to build this slot together cardboard construction educational toy and on the last page of the instruction’s kids will be able to learn some fun facts about Kaleidoscopes, who invented it and symmetry. We think once build this toy is an awesome way to encourage children to explore and experiment making patterns.


Where to Buy Your Own Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

Build Your Own Kaleidoscope is aimed at children aged 8 plus and is best enjoyed as a family experience. It can be found online at Build Your Own website for £19.99.


Would we Recommend Build Your Own Kaleidoscope to Your Family?

Detachable tube

Coming in a neat box makes this build your own toy so handy for taking on your travels to sleepovers or holidays and for school half terms it’s a handy hassle-free boredom buster as everything is provided and really does keep the kids entertained for hours with building and fun playtime.

We were really impressed with how sturdy this toy was when completed and versatile as the mirrored tube is detachable. Also, we have found the kids gravitate back to it even weeks after its been built still enjoying playing with new ideas of what to make patterns wise, which is just lovely to see.

We have to say we found it actually quite easy to assemble this Kaleidoscope, the slot together techniques was not too fiddly for kids especially when using the tool included. Younger kids might need a bit of help for strength to slot some parts together, but as parents we love how there’s no glue or mess. Its super convenient as everything you need is given to you in the kit and the instructions were nice and clear to follow.

We love how this self build toy moves to help kids learn how a kaleidoscope works and encourages them to experiment. We think it’s a fantastic toy which inspires kids to use their creative imagination to have fun with and we would 100% recommend families check this out as think it will make an ideal boredom buster for any school holidays.





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