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REVIEW: Funko The Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Game

Looking for a quick and easy card game full of your child’s favourite Disney characters that will keep them entertained for hours? Well we think we might have found one and it is the Funko Something Wild Card Games

The Something Wild card games are aimed at kids over 6 years old and can be played with 2 to 4 players. We have been kindly sent a The Nightmare Before Christmas Game and asked if we could get all the kids together to play it, so we could share with you what we all thought of it.


What are the Something Wild Card Games?

Something Wild is a Children’s Card Game of Character Combos. There are six Funko Disney themed Something Wild Card Games to choose from and each box contains:

  • 45 Character cards numbered from 1 to 9 in five different colours
  • 10 Power Cards made up of the same five colours
  • A small Funko pop figure
  • A small easy to follow instruction sheet

LATEST NEWS Inside Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Box 2


The Different Funko Something Wild Boxes Available

You can play the game with just one set or you can combine two or more to play with more figures and powers. Currently the six Funko Disney themed Something Wild card games that are available include:

  • Toy Story – Which comes with a Woody figure
  • Mickey and Friends – Which comes with a Mickey Mouse figure
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – Which comes with a Jack Skellington figure
  • The Little Mermaid – Which comes with an Ariel figure
  • Aladdin – Which comes with a Genie figure
  • Disney Villains – Which comes with a Maleficent figure

The Different Funko Something Wild Boxes Available


How Do you Play the Something Wild Card Games?

Funko Something Wild Card Game is a fun card game to play with the kids. To win you need to be the first person to get 3 power cards.

You get a power card by making a set or a run. A set is three cards that are the same number and three different colours, so for example 3 number 2 cards. A run is three same coloured cards with three numbers in order, so for example three blue cards with numbers 3,4 and 5 on them.


LATEST NEWS Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Run and Set Example 2


To start the game, you need to separate the power cards and the character cards so you have two piles of cards. The power cards have the themed backs, so for us they had the Nightmare Before Christmas design on the back and the Character Cards have all the numbers on them and a Something Wild back to them.


LATEST NEWS Inside Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Cards 1 2


To set up the game you shuffle the power cards and place the in middle with the top one showing and put the little character figure next to them.

Then you shuffle all the character cards and deal three to each player and place the rest of the pack face down in the middle.


LATEST NEWS Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Set Up 2


To start the youngest player starts and play moves clockwise around the players. The youngest player starts by picking up a character card from the middle and then placing one card from their hand in front of them face up. You want to place a card in front of you that is going to give you the best chance of winning either a run or a set. So, for example if you have in your hand a 3 and 4 blue you would probably want to put one of those down as you only need to pick up a 2 or 5 blue to win.

Now if the card you play is the same colour as the power card in the centre then you get to pick up the Funko Mini Pop Figure and put it next to you. You don’t get to pick up the power card yet as you only win one of those if you get a run or set.

But what you do get to do now you have the mini figure is use the power that is on the card or on any power card you might have won previously. However if someone else plays a card that is the same colour as the power card in the middle then they get to take the mini figure off you, so you might want to use it rather than trying to hang onto it.

By using the power cards, it helps you score points in different ways by helping you make a set or run. The power cards were on thing our kids kept on forgetting about, so it’s definitely one to keep on top of as they really can help you win the game.


LATEST NEWS Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Playing 2


Once you have one a run or a set then you should take those three cards from the ones in front of you and place them to the side so you can’t use them again. You then take the power card from the middle, which you can use in future turns as long as you have the mini Funko Pop Figure.

Once you have picked up your power card then play moves onto the next person clockwise and the person that wins three power cards first is the winner of the game.


Would we Recommend these Products?

We have honestly spent hours playing this Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild Card Game. It is really easy to understand so from the start all the kids knew what they were trying to do to win.

All the character cards have simple designs with cute images and something the kids pointed out was that you could actually use the character cards to make up other games or play games like Memory Match or Go Fish.

As parents we love our kids playing card games like this as it really helps get their grey cells tick over, It gets them strategizing ahead, as they do good number, colour and number pattern recognition.

We would 100% recommend this Card Game to families, we think it would make a fab Christmas or Birthday present and it was such a hit in our house that we have gone ahead and already ordered the Ariel and Mickey Mouse one off Amazon, so the kids can combine the packs and play with more characters. Although you can totally enjoy this game with just one set, just our kids have really taken to it so thought we would up the challenge!





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