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Gang Beasts Toys Released in Time for Christmas

Exciting times as Gang Beasts toys from Sinco Creations hit the shop shelves in UK just in time for Christmas offering perfect stocking filler gifts for gaming fans.

There are various items in the range of collectibles being launched that all Gang Beast fans can collect and play with, We have been sent some of the clip on plush characters and collectable figures in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and if we think they are worth adding to your family’s toy collection this Christmas.


What is Gang Beasts Game

Available on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC Gang Beasts is a multiplayer beat ‘em up party game developed by Boneloaf, set in the fictional “meatrolpolis” of Beef City. Multiplayers can face off in mele combat in freeform mode, games, waves or in a quick game of football.

Gang Beasts scence

The aim of the game is to eliminate the other players by throwing them out the arena, so bit like WWE but this is where it gets silly because you’re playing with wobbly jelly like characters.

We can’t help thinking it’s the most ridiculous game our kids have ever played, but it does for sure put a smile on your face, as the random free for all game play is hilarious, mainly down to the way the gelatinous characters move.

You can customise your characters with various colours, body parts and weird outfits, the multitude of options are outrageously wacky and again offers up plenty of laugh out loud moments. Each character has their own little voice, which is funny as, specially during game play as your smashing each other up.

Gang Beasts Character 1

Gang Beasts Character 3

Gang Beasts Character 4

Gang Beasts is best played online with other randoms or friends, the controls take a bit to get used to, but we love how anyone can win, as its unlikely that one player can dominate. It’s a happy game that will definitely give you an immediate laugh with no need for a grind fest.


New Gang Beasts Toys Released in UK

Just in time for Christmas Gang Beats are releasing a variety of collectibles for kids to fall in love with, including Action Figures, Collectible figures, Plushies and even Stretchable toys.

We checked out the cute little collectible figures available from Home Bargains. Series ones has 16 Gang Beast figures to collect, all posed in a dynamic action shot, gaming fans can prepare for battle and there is even rare Gang Beast figure to find.

Gang Beasts collectibles in box

They are about 2.5 inches in size and sturdy, so no problem in withstanding a bit of battle play as well looking good and colourful on display in your kid’s bedroom.

Gang Beasts collectibles out of box

Also, up for collecting are a fluffy range of clip on plushies, again 16 possible character to collect, sitting at about 13cm high these are great for attaching to back packs and pencil cases.  The clips are robust so no need to worry about them falling of on during the school day.

Gang Beasts Clip on Plushies


Our Thoughts of New Gang Beast Toys

Gang Beasts all revewi products

We think these brand-new Gang Beast toys for teens are for sure going to be a big hit and an ideal gifting option this Christmas for kids that love gaming.

They offer an awesome collectability for Gang Beasts fans, with so many cool characters to collect from the game in so many different formats. The quality of the figures is great, sturdy and detailed which is what you want in a collectible that kids want to play with and not just get to put on display.

The plushies we can’t fault they are lovely and soft with the clip holding well, they definitely give you a premium feel. We would totally recommend families check these out as a possible gifting option this festive season.




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