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REVIEW: Jump It Lap Counter

Give your child some throwback fun with the New Jump It Lap Counter skipping toy as you battle each other to see who can travel the furthest or jump the highest number of jumps.

We loved our Jump It Style skipping toys when we were younger, so to be able to share this fab childhood memory with our own kids we thought would be great fun.

That is why we were excited to have been kindly gifted a Jump It Lap Counter from Character Toys to put it to the test with all the kids in return for us sharing our honest review with our readers.


What’s Inside the Box

When you open your Jump It Lap Counter box you will find inside:

  • The Lap Counter Head
  • Foot Loop with Cable attached
  • Little Screw
  • Little Screwdriver


Jump It in Box 2


How to Assemble Your Jump It Lap Counter

You will need to do a minor assembly task when you first open your Jump It Lap Counter as it comes in two parts, but it’s really easy and you get everything in the box you will need to assemble it.

Inside a little plastic bag inside the box you will find a little screw and mini screwdriver. All you need to do is push the cable which is already attached to foot loop into the Lap Counter Head and screw it into place.

And then you are ready to start playing with your Jump It skipping toy.


Jump It Assembly 2


Jump It Indoors or Outdoors

To play with your Jump it you need to master swinging the counter head around your ankle and jumping it with your other foot as it passes.

At first it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of it, but after that it can be rather addictive to beat your last number of jumps.

Jump it is pretty versatile in that aside from just trying to jump as many times as you can, you can make up different challenges against your friends or parents, such as swing it clockwise or anti clockwise as well as building a mini obstacle course to skip around.

We remember one of our favourite things to do as a child with our Jump It skipping style toy was to try and run at the same time as skipping with it at the same time as racing with our friends.


Jump It Action Photo 2


And best of all the Jump It Lap Counter toy can be played with both in and outside, so no matter if it’s raining outside your little one can still enjoy hours of fun with it.


Where to Buy Jump It Lap Counter

Jump It Lap counter is suitable for children over 6 years old right up to adults and are currently available from all well-known toy stores including from The Entertainer Toy store here and are on sale for £13.00


Would we Recommend Jump It Lap Counter to Your Family?

This Jump It Lap Counter brought back some fab childhood nostalgia for us and we loved spending the time chatting with the kids about places we used to play with ours, what colours we had and which one of our friends were the best and fastest at skipping with them.


Jump It Up Close on foot 2


That aside we are huge fans of all toys that can get our kids active and deliver some good fun playtime that cuts down their daily screen times.

Our kids found it a bit tricky to get the hang of it at first as it was something new, but once they had nailed it there was no stopping them.

The counter on the Jump It we found to be reliable and records the number of full rotations that you manage to skip, and it can record up to three figures, but you can reset it at any time.


Jump It Number Counter Up Close 2


This Jump It has a good weight to it, we remember one of our friends when we were little had a really light-weight version and it wasn’t as easy or fun to use, so this was one thing we thought was worth mentioning.

Overall we think for the price and quality of this Jump It, it does offer good value for money and hours of fun for your little ones, especially as we are coming into the Summer months. We would totally recommend Jump It Lap Counter to families to check out if you’re looking to increase the active fun time for your kids.



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