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REVIEW: Lite-Brite Stranger Things Special Edition

To celebrate the launch of season 4 in the Summer of 2022, Stranger Things has teamed up with everyone’s favourite retro toy Lite-Brite to release a Special Edition and we can already see it being a huge hit with fans.

Viewers will have noticed that Lite-Brite in Stranger Things season 4 and excitingly now there’s a new way to enjoy the show in real life as you can own our very own special edition toy and spend hours creating light art with this HD Stranger Things Special Edition Lite-Brite set.

Recently we have been sent the special edition Stranger Thing Lite Brite to enjoy some retro creative fun with, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and if we think they are worth adding to your family’s toy collection.


Lite-Brite Toy Helps Communicate to Group in the Upside Down


Stranger things fans will have noticed in episode seven, several characters use a Lite-Brite toy to communicate with their friends, and now you can get a special edition version of the toy for yourself.

Dustin, Lucas, and his little sister Erica are trying to talk with their friends Steve, Robin, Nancy and Eddie who are all stuck in the Upside Down. When the trio remember how Joyce used Christmas lights to communicate with her son when he was stuck in Upside Down, they grab the next best thing, Mike’s little sister Holly’s Lite-Brite toy and use the screen with lights to write words on and communicate with the group so they can help rescue them.

Excitingly fans of Stranger Things can now get their hands on this special edition Lite-Brite toy which comes in a special double sided collector’s pack and has 12 templates from seasons 1 – 4.


What’s Inside the Box

Inside the Lite-Brite Stranger Things Special Edition Box, you will find:

  • 1 HD Screen
  • 650 Mini Coloured Pegs
  • 12 HD Design Templates from seasons 1 – 4
  • 1 Art Guide


Family Retro Creative Fun

With the Stranger Things nostalgic nod to the 80s it is no surprise to see the inclusion of this retro toy in the shows.

Before you get started you are going to need 3 AA batteries and possibly a bowl to pour your 650 six coloured pegs into and then you can sit back and enjoy hours of fun creating art with light where you can either use the fun Stranger Things themed templates or just freestyle your own designs.

hd screen and pegs

You get 12 HD Stranger Things themed templates of icons and themes from throughout the Netflix Series, that you can follow includes things such as Stranger Things logo, the Demogorgon, Hellfire, a waffle, the Surfer Boy pizza van, and more.

tempates 2


When using the templates you have two options to make them, one you can place the template on the board and push the corresponding coloured peg through the paper and into the hole below to create your design, or as we did, we simply looked at the template and followed it that way, which for some designs is for sure the harder way to go about it, but if your up for the challenge we would say it’s a more fun route to take.

not lit stranger things

This Stranger Things Special Edition Lite-Brite has more holes and more definition. Its enhanced grid has 50% more holes than the classic toy and three times the number of coloured pegs, giving more space to create more fun designs.

stranger things up close not lit

Then once you have finished your design you can show it off in all its glory as you can push the button on the back of the screen to place it into four different light modes where the white light is either solid, blinking flashes, pulsing flashes or randomly flashing.

Waffle finished

waffle up close



Where to Buy Lite-Brite Stranger Things

Originally marketed in 1967 Lite-Brite was named one of the top 100 toys of all time-by-Time magazine and now the creative team at Netflix has created a special edition Lite-Brite based on all four seasons of Stranger Things that you can get on Amazon for £28.99 here  which is aimed at fans aged 14 years and older.



Would we Recommend Lite-Brite Stranger Things to Your Family?

Stranger Things Logo

Parents and Grandparents will remember this Lite-Brite toy no doubt from their own childhoods and love the thought they can share those memories with their kids with the gift of this Stranger Things special edition version.

We love how simple and creative this toy is, challenging and screen fun for teenagers this summer we think its fab value for money.

We love how at the back of the HD Screen there is a pull-out stand, which means teenagers can use this Lite-Brite to make cool glowing art or a neon sign for their bedroom.

However, it’s a snug fit when you push the pegs into the holes of the HD Screen which means it actually makes a good toy to take on your travels and work on your artwork in the car or airplane as you head off on your summer holidays this year, as well as the perfect rainy day activity choice.

Toy facts aside when you then add in the collectible nature of this special edition, we think this is going to be well loved by all Stranger Things fans big and small. It comes in a fab double sided collectors packaging and the themed templates we thought were awesome. We would totally recommend this to families to check out this summer and predict that as a Special Edition it will sell out everywhere super quick, so if your thinking that would be cool as a Christmas Present we would suggest it’s going to be one of those toys you buy now and hide in the attic!






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