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Review: Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Flower Gardening Play Set

This 16 piece Let’s Explore Gardening Play Set from Melissa and Doug is a fun way to teach your little one the basics of growing flowers with a fun interactive colour-changing flowers to wow the kids.

Recently we have been sent one of these Melissa and Doug Gardening Play sets for the kids to put to the test and enjoy planting and making this toy flower garden bloom and grow in their pots in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers.

Designed to help encourage children to connect with nature through imaginative play, this toy gardening set can be a way for kids to discover the fun of outdoor inspiring curiosity, confidence and inspiration to say explore and find out more.



What’s Inside the Box

All together

When you open the box inside you will find:

  • 2 flower pots
  • 2 soil sponge inserts
  • Play seeds and flower bulbs in flower bags
  • 2 plant tags
  • Plant food jar
  • Spray bottle
  • 2 colour changing flowers
  • Reusable planting guide
  • Collector’s badge



Outdoor Playtime with Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Flower Gardening Play Set

This Melissa and Doug gardening set is perfect for giving kids some screen free outdoor fun. Whilst probably best played with outdoors if you are happy to lay down a towel to catch the water there is nothing stopping your little one enjoying it indoors too.

instructions sheet

Using the handy easy to follow step by step guide children can learn how to care and grow pretty flowers, starting by prepping the flower pots by filling them with the fabric soil sponges before opening the flower bags and planting the flower seeds and bulbs.

Soil Fabric in Pots

seed in packet


planting seeds

Not forgetting to pop the correct flower tags into the right pots so you don’t forget which is which before taking care of them by giving them water and sun shine, plus a sprinkle of some plant food to help them grow big and strong.

name tags

watering seeds

The daisy seeds and a tulip bulb can then be swapped out for the two different flowers as they grow and these are very special fabric flowers, that after you plant them look amazing all bright and white standing straight in the terracotta looking pots.

putting in flowers

Kids will love taking on the role of the top gardener by looking after their flowers and will be amazed as they spray them with water how they change colour, one a bright orange and the other a vibrant pink which also has a very cute ladybird on it as well.

spraying the flowers

flower up close

ladybird on flower

spraying daisy up close

spraying daisy up close 3

daisy up close 2



Benefits of Learning Through Play for Kids

Everything out of the box

We are great believers that learning through play has huge benefits for children. It helps them make sense of the world around them by connecting them to something they are already familiar with and allows them to interact, question and express all at the same time.

Some of the benefits we have seen with our kids includes:

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Learn how to play with others and how to compromise
  • Helps kids connect with each other and work together to share and overcome conflicts
  • Builds on their creativity and imagination
  • Encourages greater independence
  • Improves speech and word knowledge



Where to Buy Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Flower Gardening Play Set

This Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Flower Gardening Play Set is on sale for £30 from Amazon here and is aimed at children aged 3 years and older.



Would we Recommend Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Flower Gardening Play Set to Your Family

melissa and doug gardening set in box holding up

We think this is a beautiful gardening play set that does wonders for sparking kids imagination, teaches them the basics of how plants start from seeds, how they grow and what role they can play in helping them grow.

We love how engaged children were in each piece and just how perfectly sized they each are for ickle hands and love how the choice of material each piece has adds so well to the whole play experience.

All the kids have had so much fun playing with this set, spending hours planting and un-planting and we were so impressed with how good quality each piece is. We love how once the flowers dry out they change back to white making it a re-useable play set that will last well over time and allows kids to see flowers magically bloom whenever they want.

We 100% think this Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Flower Gardening Play Set would make an amazing gift for kids to play with over spring / summertime and would for sure recommend it to families to check out as an brilliant way for kids to learn through play.




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