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REVIEW: Nine 2 Nothing Family Card Game

Looking for a pocket size game to take on your Family Holiday this year that will keep the kids entertained for hours? Well we think we might have found one and it’s called Nine 2 Nothing

The other week we were sent a New Kids Card Game Called Nine 2 Nothing and asked if we could get all the kids together and play it so we could share with you what we all thought of it.


What’s in the Pack

Compacted and perfect sized cards for little hands this card game comes in an understated cardboard box and you get the following funky graffiti inspired cards in the pack

  • 72 Cards numbered from 1 to 9
  • 4 Zero cards one for each colour
  • 2 Wild Cards and
  • 3 Instruction Cards


How the Game Works

The point of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards.

You start by dealing 9 cards face down to each player and then placing the remaining cards in the middle also face down.

Turn over the top card in the middle and then the aim of the game is to work down from 9 to 0

Sounds Simple but it isn’t actually.

So, say the first card you turn over is a 5 then the first person must put down a 4 and the next person a 3 and so on, doesn’t matter what colour the cards are its all about the numbers. If you don’t have the number needed you pick a card up from the middle and play moves on to the next person.

There are two wild cards which can be played as any number and once you get down to zero then the next person must put down a 9 and you start over again working your way down to zero.

The game is suitable for anyone over 5-year olds and to be fair it is easy enough for young kids to understand if they know their numbers as you are just telling them what number they are looking for. But don’t be fooled by the simplistic nature of the game, as we noticed some kids thinking up strategies in how to out smart the other players so to win and each game by no means was over in a few minutes, so can totally give you hours of fun


The Inventor

You know what we thought was pretty neat was the inventor of this card game was actually a 7-year-old girl, who whilst on a family holiday quashed her boredom by inventing this card game. The parents of the little girl were so taken by the immediate effect it had on everyone by the pool who started playing it, that the girls farther said they should make it a game to sell…. Go Dad!


Giving Back

What’s also pretty humbling is that during the creation process of the game the same 7 year old inventor decided she wanted to give back, so for every pack bought they now also donate another one pack to the charity Caudwell Children giving more opportunities for children and families to sit down and enjoy some quality time together playing a fun family game.





All in all, when we played this Nine 2 Nothing Family Card Game, the kids and adults all proper loved it. Its size is ideal for holidays or travelling as well as a Fab Friday Game Night option for in the home.

As we were asked to give our honest opinion, we should mention our only negative, which was we did have a little issue with the game’s instruction cards writing being a little too tiny for the older members of the family’s eyes! But the non-spectacle wearing grownups and kids managed no problem to read them.

Without a doubt we for sure would highly recommend this card game to any family looking for a fun game to play together. You can get qucik delivery of it from Amazon – Nine 2 Nothing – Family Card Game – “As featured on Channel 4’s Buy It Now” – White








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