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REVIEW: Plasticine Shaun the Sheep Model Maker Farmyard Fun

Kids can explore the chaos of the countryside and create their very own Shaun the Sheep characters from Plasticine. Coming with its own 3D farmyard scene this model maker kit could be the creative bit of fun you have been looking for, to keep your little one happy during the school holidays.

This Plasticine making kit can provide hours of fun, with a farmyard vibe as children can make their first stop motion movie. This February half term we were sent a plasticine Shaun the sheep farmyard fun model maker kit to enjoy some creative fun with the kids with, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and if we think it is worth adding to your family’s toy collection.

What’s Inside the Box

Shaun the Sheep Plasticine Conents

Inside the Plasticine Shaun the Sheep Model Maker Farmyard Fun Box, you will find:

  • 10x Plasticine Blocks
  • 35x Plug-in-Parts
  • 1x Modelling Tool
  • 1x 3D Farmyard Scene
  • Instruction Sheet


Making Your Own Plasticine Shaun the Sheep Characters

Shaun the Sheep Plasticine instructions sheet

Inside this box you get enough plasticine to make your own Shaun The Sheep, Timmy, Bitzer and Naughty Pig characters as well as some yummy treat for them to eat like a bone, hay, lettuce and pizza.

The instruction sheet is really helpful with good instruction of what pieces you need for each build along with easy to follow steps to create your masterpieces.

Making Shaun the sheep fur

Making Shaun the sheep and Timmy were the characters that the kids found the easier to make, rolling black plasticine for the heads there was no worry about making the eyes as they are the pieces that come for you to just pop in.

Making Shaun the Sheep out of Plasticine

For the body and tails of Shaun and Timmy was again fairly simple by rolling white plasticine balls and shaping them with their fingers into the right shape before pushing in the legs that come inside the box. Also, included is a little stick to help you join the head of Shaun onto his body.

Shaun the sheep plasticine fur

What really adds to the characters is the clever tool you get that helps you add a woolly texture to their bodies, tails and heads of the sheep. It was so easy and fun for the kids to use and added such a fab look to end build.

Plasticine tool for shaun sheep fur

For sure the hardest character for the kids to make was Bitzer the dog. You do get plug in pieces like the hat, nose, legs and arms. However, it’s not as easy as you think to shape the dog head and use the sculpting tool create a mouth to be able to position the teeth inside. You don’t have pre made plug in eyes, so you have to make your own and we found it a bit of a balancing act to gauge the weight of head and body to make sure the dog can still stand and not fall over.

Making Bitzer out of Plasticine

Together with the plasticine to build your favourite characters you get a fold out 3D scene from Shaun the sheep which is a fab little extra, perfect for role play time as well as creating fun stop start animation clips, just like how the pro’s make the Shaun the sheep movies.

Shaun the sheep 3d scene

Stop motion is an excellent way for kids to learn skills like problem solving, playing with others and creative thinking. Making stop motion cartoons or short movies a lovely way for kids to get creative and develop their social skills.

Plasticine stop start animation shaun the sheep

Added bonus is that plasticine never dries out so your Shaun the sheep characters that you have spent so long making with still be fine to play with tomorrow and the next day to have lots of fun in the farm with, or you can just keep squishing it down to re-created with again and again.



Where to Buy Plasticine Shaun the Sheep Model Maker Farmyard Fun

Plasticine Shaun the Sheep Model Maker Farmyard Fun is aimed at children aged 3 and above and can be found online at Amazon for £21.99.


Would we Recommend Plasticine Shaun the Sheep Model Maker Farmyard Fun to Your Family?

Shaun teh sheep plasticine model scene

From the get go of unboxing and playing with this plasticine set we were super impressed. The kids found it really easy to use and follow the step by step build guides. As parents we loved how this is a set that kids of all ages can play with and enjoy together.

The 3D farmyard scene was unexpected coming out of a box this size, its so good how it manages to fold out and cover quite a bit of space.

The kids were fascinated by the texture instrument that is on the other end of the sculpturing tool. They found it huge fun to texture the white plasticine on the sheep and gained some great confidence with this tool and the push in body pieces, as it made them feel really accomplished to create characters that actually looked similar the ones they know and love.

We love how this set makes kids tap into all different creative skills from moulding with your fingers, using the sculpturing texture tool and thinking of fun storylines to move the characters into.

Plus too as parents its fab not to have to stress over your little one leaving this plasticine lying around with out being in a box with lid, as it never dries out or goes to waste. We think this is a perfect gift set for junior animators to get started with and lovely investment for any creative lover. We would totally recommend family check this out as think it will make an ideal boredom buster for any school holidays.




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