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Ultra Dash Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Looking to Switch up your Traditional Easter Egg Hunt for the Kids? Why not use the Fab Ultra Dash Game to take the kids on a fast paced adventure in your home or garden as they race against the time.

What is Ultra Dash

Ultra Dash is a Fab All Family Game where you race against the clock and each other. You have an electric wand and 5 coloured targets and when the wand flashes a colour you have to run to that colour target and tap the wand into the target, which is when it will flash another colour and off you go again.


Ultra Dash 800 x 480


You can really test your skills by creating some hard obstacle courses to race around. This game is perfect for all the family and don’t forget its not all about who is the fastest it also needs some good memory skills to where each colour target has been placed.

The best thing about this type of race game is you can really experiment with your own rules and you can constantly change your racecourse so it’s harder for the kids to get fed up with this game.


There are three game modes:

  • Beat the Clock – Which is a race to see who can hit the five targets the quickest
  • Target Tally – You set a time and race around to see how many targets you can hit within that time
  • Relay Rally – This is Team verses Team, which is when everyone in the team must hit all five targets and then pass onto the next team member and it’s the fastest team wins, this was by far our favourite mode.

We were kindly gifted this game to try it out, so we could share our honest opinion with our readers and we have to say we would 100% recommend it to any family looking to keep the kids active and would totally challenge all the grown ups to join in as well as it will honestly give you some epic laughs!


How to Use Ultra Dash for Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt


LATEST NEWS Ultra Dash Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt 2


  • A grown up hides each colour target with a bowl of mini Easter eggs or non – candy Easter option such as stationary or little Easter squishy toys
  • Power up your Ultra Dash tagger and choose the ‘Target Tally’ game mode number 2
  • Set the timer to 3 minutes or a bit longer for the younger kids
  • Choose the number of players, just remember that only 1 player can play at a time, so you will need to take it in turns
  • Player 1 presses the tagger to start
  • The tagger will light up with a colour – race to find that colour target
  • Insert the tagger into the target and take 1 mini egg
  • The tagger will light up with a new random colour – find that colour target, insert tagger and take a mini egg
  • Repeat step 8 until the timer runs out
  • Bring all your Easter eggs back to the grown up to find out how many you found in 3 minutes
  • Repeat steps 5-9 with all other players
  • Whoever gets the most eggs in 3 minutes is the Winner and Wins a big Easter egg or other Easter Treat



Easter Special Offer

Using Ultra Dash as a fun and crazy twist on the classic Easter egg hunt is a fab idea and don’t forget after Easter you will have an awesome game to keep the kids active around the house and back garden on those days you’re not able to go out.

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