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Vet Squad Toys Unboxing and Review

Are your kid’s lovers of animals? Ours are and so when we were heard about Vet Squad animal themed playsets the kids were uber excited to check them out.

Vet Squad playsets and action figures are perfect for any adventure seeking child looking to take their imagination on some fun rescue missions saving animals around the World.

We’ve been very lucky to have been sent some of these children playsets in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you.


Who are the Vet Squad?

The Vet Squad are made up of a girl squad of explorers with the Vet characters being called Ava, Emily, Yara and Robin, who are always at the ready to rescue some beautiful animals from around the world.

This group of best friends can take your child’s mind on some fab adventures where they can use all their skills, knowledge and vet tech to care for all the different animals.


Unboxing Vet Squad Toys

Vet Squad playsets and action figures are aimed at children over 3 years old and whilst we had great fun with our Kids Unboxing them we did find that some of the accessories are really little and maybe not what we personally would be keen to have our 3 year olds playing with, such as the little carrot for the rabbit or bone for the dog.

However, that’s just based on how our kids love to place items that size up noses or into ears lol! – So just thought we would give you a heads up on that one, but you can see these items through the packaging, so you can very easily make the judgement call for yourself, for your own little ones.


All the Different Vet Squad Playsets Available

We were sent three different types of playsets to try out and let you know our thoughts on and they were


The Animal Assortment 2 Pack

This is a cute little pack with two animals in it. The animals are poorly and in need of some help from the friendly vets. And this is where its gets pretty cool as the animals have little injuries that if you clean them up using warm water or even just hold your warm fingers on them then the injury completely heals, just like magic!  Some come with bandages to apply and a little bucket and sponge to clean the injury.

LATEST NEWS Vet Squad Elephant Ear 2

There are 5 animal pairs from all across the world to collect in these sets, we got the gorilla and parrot pair.


Vet and Pet Assortment

These are dinky partner packs, so you get one of the Vet figures dolls and their faithful little animal companies.

Each vet gets their own clip on backpacks, which are really easy for little fingers to clip on and then they get two little accessories based around their animal, so we got a rabbit and carrot for example.

LATEST NEWS Vet Squad Animals 2

The pairs that you can pick from are Robin and Snowy (the Owl) , Ava and Leo (the Cat) Emily and Brooke (the dog) and Yara and Luna (the rabbit)


Vet and Vehicle Assortment

These packs are a bit bigger again and you get a Vet, a Vehicle, an animal and accessory, aside from the Safari Expedition as that’s a lot bigger and you get a heap of cool extras with that vehicle.


The different rescue vehicles you can get include the

Reef Rescue – This is Vet Emily’s Speedboat which can help her whizz across the ocean to help rescue the cutest little Sea Turtle that has an injured foot.

Vet Emily comes with a set of flippers to help her dive, a stethoscope and bandage accessories all to help her save the turtle.

The kids couldn’t resist with this boat but to put it in water, although it is a bit heavy and probably not designed to float it can actually as long as you don’t put the action figure in the boat as well.

The boat does have stickers on it so I guess over time these could get a bit worn if you are playing in water a lot but for us they were perfectly fine for the length of time we had it in the water.


Forest Rescue  –  This is Vet Ava’s Quadbike that has real rolling wheels to help her trek across the tuff terrain to find and help the cute little elephant that has cut its ear. Ava Vet figure comes with cool sunglasses and a handy a kit box.

The Elephant’s injured ear has the same magic colour changing healing when you apply heat to it.


Helicopter Air Adventure – This is Vet Robin’s rescue helicopter that she can fly over all hills and see for miles to help spot the injured pony.

Robin has a radio headset that fits pretty good to be fair over her ears and a handy kit box that sits into the back of the helicopter that can store the wash bucket and sponge as well as some useful special bandage for the injured pony’s leg.

Vet Robin’s helicopter has moving propellers so you can fly it all around and it has a full working winch that can be used to strap the pony into and turn the handle to lift the pony up off the ground and off to safety.


Safari Expedition – This is Vet Yara’s 4 x 4 jeep that is fully equipped with heaps of cool vet tech and is the largest of the Vet Vehicles. This off road 4 x 4 is perfect for fast travel over rocky surfaces searching for a poorly giraffe who has hurt its neck.

When you open up the back of the 4 x4 it is decked out with a whole mobile vet unit with x-ray area, treatment areas and shower. The 4×4 includes rolling wheels so kids can zoom all over the place with it and it has little bottles and the spare wheel even comes off to turn into an animal food bowl.

Unlike the other vehicles this one comes with the stickers on a sheet and you have to put them on yourself. It does come with a very easy to follow instruction sheet, however some of the sticker placements are a bit tricky to get into and definitely a grown up task we would say, especially the map one that goes behind the driver’s seat – Top tip on that one, get your little one to pull the map board out for you and push the bottom of the map sticker in first or else it sticks up over the top.

LATEST NEWS Vet Squad Stickers 2

The giraffe is super cute and once in you can close the jeep doors on him and he sits in perfect and you can drive around without him falling out, which is a bonus wouldn’t want a double injury!.Just like the elephant the giraffe has magic colour changing healing injury spot that you just need to add warm water to.

As with all the vehicles there is a kind of clip that you can push the vet into that holds her in place while driving the vehicle. This one is a bit tricky to get Vet Yara to sit in, she does fit in it, but you just got to get her feet in first or else she will look rather silly steering with her feet…. Though we did do that for a bit, which was proper giggles all round!

There are other playsets that are available that we didn’t try out, which include a 5 pack Animal Assortment pack and a larger Vet Surgery Playset which looks super intriguing.


Sea Life Trust and Vet Squad Partnership

A fab unique twist with these Vet Squad Playsets is that they have partnered up with the Charity Sea Life Trust.

The Sea Life Trust’s charity work is all about protecting the world’s oceans and assist in the rehabilitation and support of marine animals they care for

A £20,000 donation from the proceeds of Vet Squad is being given to Sea Life Trust to continue this important work.

And the Toy Brand will also be doing a series of competitions to win tickets to visit Sea Life attractions across the UK, so its work keeping an eye out for that one on their Twitter Page


Where are Vet Squad on Sale in UK

Vet Squad are on sale now in the UK at Argos, The Entertainer, Smyths Toy Superstores and Amazon. Prices are ranging from £3.99 to £24.99 and both shops offer click and collect and all retailers offer home delivery if you’re looking to not go to shops or want to spend as little time in store as possible, but still treat the kids.


Would we Recommend these Products?

Yes… Yes… Yes… To be fair we can’t fault these Vet Squad Playsets. Our kids proper bashed them around and they are still standing, took heaps of drops even on the slabs in the garden and nothing broke, so they are definitely robust.

We have trekked the jeeps through mud, floated the speedboat in water and even manged to see if the helicopter would fly down the stairs (it didn’t by the way, but worth a try I guess)

So, for sure you can expect good value for money with these playsets as they will last and not be a five-minute wonder.

The whole Vet concept the kids bought into very quickly and loved and the added magic injuries on the cute little animals were a huge hit.

We love toys like this as it gets the kids engaged allowing their little minds to wander off onto some exciting adventure which really builds on their creative skills as well as communication skills as they talk you through their stories.

Without a doubt we would recommend these to other families to check out and can safely say they would be a great addition to any of your little ones Santa or Birthday Wish List!




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