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Why JunkBots Give Kids the Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Any Robot Lover is going to want to get their hands on the new JunkBots from Hexbug, as not only does it have some cool, quirky robots to build, it also offers the most amazing unboxing experience.

All our kids love anything robot and futuristic when it comes to toys, so we were so exciting when we were asked if we would like to try out the new JunkBots from Hexbug in return for sharing our honest thoughts with our readers and I have to say when they arrived they were not what we expected at all.


Unboxing JunkBots from HexBug

JunkBots are suitable for children over 3 years old.

The backstory of the JunkBots Toys is that junk comes alive through alien radiation, so from the trash can emerge all different types of robots

Hence why your JunkBot toy box is actually a commercial dumpster or trash can and this is where it gets cute as you open the lid and there are sealed black bags that you have to open to find more trash to build with.

All the pieces can be mixed and matched to create unique JunkBots figures and in this Series 1 there are 36 characters to collect and you can use the motors and lights you find to bring your robots to life!



The Different Types of JunkBots

We unboxed the large dumpster which has 4 robots inside, in the range you can also get a small dumpster which has 2 robots in or a trash bin that has one robot inside.

Thing is, when it says 4 robots inside, it is and it isn’t. You get little folded sheets with the robots you have so you can see what parts you need to build them, but reality is you get over 50 pieces so you can build whatever you want and we built more than 4 robots.

As a parent this is what we loved the most about these JunkBots is that it really gets the kids creativity flowing and the fun we had talking about where the robots we were building had come from and why we were using an old mail box as his belly, it was funny and actually turned the whole building session into a storytelling one too. It was honestly fab.

LATEST NEWS Light Up JunkBot Robot

When these New JunkBots hit the stores they will range from £4.99 up to £19.98


Would we Recommend these Products?

Absolutely, it is rare to find a toy that all our kids loved as much as we did as adults lol!

JunkBots really get you thinking of how you can use a certain piece and thinking of why your robot looks like it does, for example one with an old mail box body and old stereo as a head we found it funny to think the postman turned into a robot when he jumped on the skateboard to deliver letters… I mean honestly, the possibilities with these toys is endless and such a fab way to get the kids creative.

Another added bonus is we liked the fact that they were collectables as the kids love collecting little characters, but too that if you lose a part which if we are real always happens with kids’ toys! Then at least they can still play with JunkBots as all the parts are interchangeable.

So yes, we would 100% recommend that when these toys hit the shelves in UK that you should check them out. I know they have already made it onto a certain person’s Santa List because they were such a hit.




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