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Deal Magic into your Kids Life with Nipper Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards for kids have grown in popularity in recent years and after the year 2020 has turned out to be we can see why! So, if you’re in need of sprinkling a bit of mental health magic into your child’s life read on to see how we got on with Nipper Affirmation Cards

Nipperbout developed a set of affirmation cards to help their own children and are now hoping that they will also help other families by making them available to everyone.

They recently sent us at West Wales Family Life a pack of their bright purple pack of cards and asked if we could test them out with our kids, in return for us sharing our honest thoughts about them with our readers, which we though would be a blast and we were super intrigued, so thought we would happily give them a go.

What are Affirmation Cards

So, for families that may not have heard of affirmation cards before, lets help bring you up to speed. Affirmation cards are simply cards that have little positive messages on them that are designed to help develop an understanding of yourself.

They are meant to stop you negatively talking to yourself and be inspiring, bring you hope and be brilliantly motivational.

The intention with affirmation cards that are specifically aimed at children, is that your child will use them regularly and will eventually absorb the positive messages and develop a more positive outlook on life, by changing their negative self-talk.

How can Nipper Affirmation Cards Benefit your Child?

These Nipper Affirmation Cards have been designed to help your child deal with daily worries and for parents they give you an insight into the need your child has behind the behaviour they are presenting.

These cards are going to remind your children that often the things that we most dislike about others are in us and the qualities we most like are ones that we already have within us.

LATEST NEWS Deal Magic into your Kids Life with Nipper Affirmation Cards UP CLOSE 2 2

Its found that children that are able to self-regulate are more likely to succeed at school and for older children, these Nipper Affirmation Cards can be used as the perfect conversation starter or as a tool they can use themselves to help them just think about things in a different way, so a perfect thought provoker for them.
These affirmations cards can benefit children by helping them understanding the link to their actions or words.

How to Use Nipper Affirmation Cards

Each Nipper Affirmation Card has an animal on them, which in turn represents a quality. And each animal then has four messages to reflect both sides of that quality, so for example the opposite of fear would be courage.

There are thirteen different animals, and they all represent the following qualities:

  • Rabbit – Fear
  • Swan – Grace and Intuition
  • Dolphin – Breath of Life
  • Spider – Creativity
  • Lizard – Dreaming
  • Wolf – Teaching
  • Squirrel – Gathering and Storing
  • Horse – Power and Wisdom
  • Stag – Gentleness
  • Hummingbird – Joy and Love of Life
  • Hedgehog – Innocence and Fun
  • Raven – Magic
  • Butterfly – Transformation

To use these Nipper Affirmation Cards you need to shuffle the cards and ask your child to pick one card.

LATEST NEWS Deal Magic into your Kids Life with Nipper Affirmation Cards IN HAND 1 2

You can then use that as a great conversation starter with your child to sit and talk about the card they have picked. You can talk about the card and feelings linked to this which will give your child a good understanding of their emotions and learn how to balance them.

Games you can Play with Nipper Affirmation Cards

Aside from a fab conversation started, you can use Nipper Affirmation cards to also play additional games with your kids such as:


Memory Game

The classic memory game can so totally be played with these nipper affirmation cards. All you need to do is turn all the cards face down and then each player takes it in turn to turn 2 cards over at one time to see if they match.

If they do match, they keep that pair if they don’t match they turn them back face down I the same place and the next player takes their turn. The overall winner is the player with the most pair at the end.



Again, another classic card game that kids will love to play with these Nipper Affirmation Cards is snap.

Simply deal out all the cards equally to all players and then players take it in turn to place a card down in front of everyone, if the animal on the card being put down is the same as the one already down then the first player to say snap gets to take the full pile of cards and the overall winner is the one with the most number of cards at the end.

For the Number version of this is the exact same but your matching numbers rather than the animal images.



This is a fav of our family when it comes to card games. To play animal families with these nipper affirmation cards, each player needs to have 4 cards and they choose a set of animals to collect without telling the other players.

The first player should place one card they don’t need onto the pile in the middle of everyone and pick up a new one from the face down deck in the middle.
Everyone keeps doing this until someone manages to get 4 family of animals so four of the same animals and they are then the winner.

Would we Recommend Nipper Affirmation Cards?

Quite honestly affirmation cards are a new thing for our family, as we have never tried them before. So, it was good fun for the grownups and kids to check them out and learn together.

First off the basics, we have to say the cards themselves are made of good quality card and the box is sturdy so they can take some punishment from little hands constantly using them.

The language and vocabulary we found was age appropriate for children, so was easy for them to talk to about, which is obviously the objective.

LATEST NEWS Deal Magic into your Kids Life with Nipper Affirmation Cards IN HAND 2 2

No surprise to us was that the younger kids were as much more open to talking about their feelings and cards and to be fair it did give a good insight to some things we otherwise may have missed.

With the older kids it was a bit of a slower burner, which did allow for some giggles and was actually very insightful, but more so for the grownups.

Randomly the older kids decided to divide the whole pack up between us, taking the ones that they felt was applicable to them and to us and whilst the ones they picked for them didn’t surprise us the ones they gave us were, but fab to see they think so positively of us lol!

So, for sure these were fab for starting conversations and they have been used by the kids choice more than once since we first introduced them to the cards. Therefore they have done the job they have set out to do.

We think the animal element is a neat idea and does allow the other game to be played with them and we fell that made the cards much easier to introduce.
All in all we would definitely recommend these to families that are looking for this kind of thing. We can really see how these could be a benefit to some families that may be want to get to the bottom of a shift in their kids behaviour, as there is no harm in trying them out if it works.

If you do fancy checking them out they you can get your own pack of them on Amazon here or if your feeling lucky why not enter our competition to win a pack.

WIN your Own Pack of Nipper Affirmation Cards

LATEST NEWS Deal Magic into your Kids Life with Nipper Affirmation Cards UP CLOSE 2

The creators of Nipper Affirmation Cards have also been kind enough to allow us to offer our followers the chance to WIN their very pack, so if you want to enter our Free Competition Click Here





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