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How we Improved our Childs Sleep with Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray

For all those Parents Struggling with kids that don’t sleep so great, take a second to read How we have managed to Improve our Child’s Sleep with Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray

So tired that eyes keep closing while standing, black bags permanently dangling under the eyes and limited energy to do pretty much anything are all sure signs that more sleep is needed and that’s just the symptoms of the Parents lol!

To be fair when our kids were babies, they all slept pretty well it’s the older they have got their sleep patterns have gone all to whack.

It seems to be triggered by simple changes, maybe a bit of stress at school, falling out with their friends or changes in their routine for so many weeks over the Summer School Holidays have all been to blame.

So when we were asked if we would try out this Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray, we thought we had nothing to lose as all they asked in return was if we could share out honest thoughts about the spray with our readers.

Bloom and Blossom do a few different Pillow Sprays and we tried the Matilda one which is from their Roald Dahl range and they also have a BFG one, they are both the exact same so you can pick which ever one your little one will relate with better.


The Hurdle of Spraying the Pillow

If your child is anything like ours then the sheer mention of bedtime is enough to create immense thirst, desperate need to clean teeth a trillion times or hunt for the must have rabbit teddy that they can’t possibly sleep without, but is happily already sitting on the bed. So, we thought if we went straight in with this Pillow Spray is going to help you sleep it would not be met with great enthusiasm!

Therefore, we took lead from the packaging and explained how this was a Magical Spray for the Pillow that will maybe help them enjoy some big fun dreams.

Luckily, we all love Matilda in our house, so with this branding it was a big help and great link to us having a routine story reading session before spraying this Magical Bloom and Blossom Matilda Spray onto the Pillow.


Matilda Pillow Spray Smells So Good…….

The size of bottle is a decent size at 75ml and it’s a water base pump spray and it honestly smells so good.

Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray

These Roald Dahl sprays both smell of sweet orange, eucalyptus, bergamot, satsuma, lavender and patchouli.

All these scents are commonly and successfully used in aromatherapy for things such as:

  • Bergamot is commonly used for anxiety
  • Lavender is commonly used for anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia
  • Satsuma is commonly used for hypertension
  • Orange is commonly used to lift mood and reduce stress
  • Eucalyptus is commonly used for nasal congestion or for people with asthma
  • Patchouli is commonly used for giving feelings of relaxation and helping to ease stress and anxiety

Go to say all these mixed together really do create a lovely smell and all the kids loved it. Also, because this spray is so mild we found we could spray it on pillows and teddies without it causing any damage or staining.


Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray Quirky Box

Ok, so I know you want to hear about the actual Pillow Spray, but we couldn’t not mention the Quirky Box that it comes in as the kids loved it.

Its so nice to get as much thought being put into packaging as well as the actual product, it kind of makes the whole opening of something new even more exciting.

Very cleverly following off from Matilda’s love of reading this box has a cool little Bookmark that you can cut out and use and on the inside of the box If you can be uber careful when opening it up, it has some pictures the kids can colour, a little crossword and info about a competition that you can enter to Win some Marvellous Prizes in.

LATEST NEWS Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray Box

The box definitely did enhance the mental acceptance of using this new spray – worked well in helping break the ice shall we say!


Bloom and Blossom Pillow Spray is Gentle on the Skin

Our youngest has pretty temperamental skin which can flare up with the strangest of things and with them being prone to the odd eczema outbreaks we are always apprehensive when it comes to trying a new product, just on the off chance it doesn’t agree.

All the Bloom and Blossom products are dermatologist and paediatrician approved safe for sensitive and eczema prone skin and this Pillow Spray is even suitable for newborns. So, although we did worry as we always do at first, we really shouldn’t have, as it was completely fine and gave no reactions at all.


Where Sells Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray

There are loads of places that you can get Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray as its on sale online via Bloom and Blossom’s own website or you can also get it from Boots, Orcado, Next, Sainsburys and Amazon.

Price wise everywhere is selling this spray for the similar price of £20 for a Twin Pack


Would we Recommend these Products?

First off, lets be honest nothing happens overnight, and we didn’t go into using this Matilda Pillow Spray thinking that, so heads up if you want to try it you shouldn’t either.

To start it was a lovely novelty for our little one, and we did worry if that would ware off before anything would happen, but thankfully after a few days we did start to notice a difference.

After bath time we headed to bed and used this spray over the pillow and then snuggled into read a book for about 10 minutes. Our little one definitely seemed to settle quicker and ease into quite time better.

By the end of the week they were sleeping right through night, no longer getting up in the middle of the night and just on the whole within themselves they seemed much happier and more settled.

Our little one now even loves this smell of the pillow spray so much that when we had to pop out on some errands the other day that they really didn’t want to join us on, they asked if we could spray the Matilda Spray on their Rabbit Teddy, which we did.

LATEST NEWS Matilda Pillow Spray and Steiff Teddy

Surprisingly for the whole trip we didn’t have any tantrums which we were expecting, so we’re not sure if they now feel like this is a comforting / reassuring smell now or it’s just a coincidence, but hey as it seems to be working and personally we love the smell we are going to just keep going with it, if it helps during other times of the day as well as night time.

Overall, without a doubt we would recommend this Bloom and Blossom Matilda Pillow Spray if your in need of some assistance with chilling your little one out and helping them sleep better, as it definitely has made a huge impact on our household and for sure created a way more positive bedtime routine.





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