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A Whopping Extra £50 Million to be Invested into our Kids School EdTech

Well this is some Fab News for our Kids here in West Wales, as the Welsh Government have announced that they are going to be investing a Whopping 50 Million Pounds into our Kids School EdTech

The Welsh Government have confirmed that the local authorities in Wales are going to receive additional funding to upgrade Education Technology (EdTech) equipment within all state schools.

In the single biggest digital investment programme for schools in Wales, Education Minister Kirsty Williams has announced an additional £50 million in this financial year will go to expand Hwb, the Welsh Government programme for improving the use of digital technology for teaching and learning in schools.

The funding will be used to equip schools with the new EdTech equipment and gain a greater understanding of Wales’ digital infrastructure.

This additional investment will make sure all schools are working towards the Education Digital Standards published on Hwb and will lay the foundations for a sustainable digital education infrastructure.

The hope is that this programme will mean less bureaucracy for schools, freeing up time for teachers and head teachers, and will give learners access to an enhanced and more consistent learning experience.


A Whopping Extra 50 Million to be Invested into our Kids School EdTech 2

This extra money going direct to local authorities will mean they serve as the strategic delivery partner for the programme, using the funding appropriately within their area to ensure all maintained schools in Wales are upgraded to the national standard.


Welsh Education Minister Announcement

During her announcement, Kirsty Williams the Welsh Education Minister said:

“I am pleased to announce this additional fund of £50 million to raise the quality of EdTech equipment within our schools.

This funding provides us with the opportunity to deliver a more sustainable EdTech model for schools, with local authorities working collaboratively to ensure consistency across Wales.

The money will also guarantee that schools are better equipped to embrace the changes brought about by the new Curriculum for Wales, and further demonstrates our commitment to digital learning, highlighting the importance technology plays within education.

This is about more than just buying new bits of kit. The programme will transform how our local authorities and schools approach digital delivery, ensuring our children are digitally provisioned well into the future.”


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