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Changes to Carmarthenshire Recycling Rules are Coming

How your family recycles their rubbish is changing in the coming weeks so that more rubbish will be recycling in Carmarthenshire

Earlier this year a consultation exercise was carried out asking for householders’ feedback on the recycling service and how it could be improved so that more recycling would be done.


The Consultation Results

  • Out of the people that submitted a reply to the consultation 86% of the respondents supported a reduction in the number of black bags that can be put out for collection, with 64% of those people agreeing that black bags should be limited to three per household.
  • A total of 64% of residents who said they did not recycle their food waste said they would be more likely to do so if they were provided with food bin liners
  • 98% of people who don’t recycle glass said they would recycle it if it was collected.
  • 46% of respondents agreed enforcement action should be taken against non-recyclers.


How these Suggestions are being put into action.

  • Changes are coming – From 7th October 2019 the maximum number of black bags that will be collected from households will change from four to three.
  • Households across Carmarthenshire will also receive food bin liners for the first time in hope that this will encourage more people to recycle their food waste. The food bin liners will be delivered along with the blue bags.
  • The recycling team is also looking at what materials are currently collected from homes and whether glass or nappy collections could be introduced in the future.
  • Designated black bag sorting areas will also be introduced at the county’s recycling centres from 7th October in a bid to increase recycling rates even further.

Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “I would like to thank residents for their feedback and also for all their efforts to recycle.

“It is important we increase our recycling rates and we believe these new changes which come in in October will help us to achieve this.

“We will also be looking at what else we can do to help people recycle even more.”

Householders needing a brown kitchen caddy or green food bin can pick one up from their nearest Hwb or request one online.


LATEST NEWS Changes to Carmarthenshire Recycling Rules are Coming 2


Why We Need to Increase Recycling Rates

Carmarthenshire County Council is currently recycling around 58% of its rubbish but needs to achieve a figure of 64% by the end of the financial year or faces a hefty fine.

Figures show that almost half of all black bag waste put out for collection is recyclable and about a quarter of it is food waste.

That’s why it’s hoped by introducing food bin liners together with the black bag restriction that it could increase the county’s overall recycling rate by 3.3%.


Carmarthenshire Council is not the only council to be making changes to their recycling services as Pembrokeshire County Council is also about to completely update its recycling and waste collections so that residents who want to recycle more and make a big difference to the environment can.



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