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New in January: Port Talbot Repair Cafe – Your Local Community Fix-It Hub

Great news for all families in Port Talbot, there’s a brand new place opening in town called the ‘Port Talbot Repair Cafe’ and it’s all about helping us fix our stuff for free. It’s the latest community gem brought to you by Adult Learning Wales, Repair Cafe Wales, and the innovative team at IUNGO Solutions.


Unlock New Skills with Adult Learning Wales

Ever thought about brushing up on maths, getting savvy with computers, or even chasing a degree? That’s exactly what Adult Learning Wales is here for. Think of them as your local go-to pals for learning. Whether you’re itching to gain a new skill or keen on hitting the books again, they’re ready to help you on your journey. Want to dive into something new? They’re all in to support you!


Revive and Repair: The Magic of Repair Cafe Wales

Port Talbot Repair Cafe

Imagine a place where you can bring your broken toasters, wobbly tables, or even a torn favourite shirt, and get them fixed up. That’s what these folks do. They’re all about reducing waste and teaching us how to fix things ourselves. It’s a great way to save money and help our planet.


Tech Skills and Green Dreams: The IUNGO Solutions Story

IUNGO Solutions are the tech wizards who create training programmes for all sorts of jobs, especially in tech and green industries. They’re also the ones who’ve put together the courses for people who want to volunteer at the Repair Cafe.


Port Talbot Repair Cafe: Exciting First Opening in Town

female workers' hands sew a wooden button to a jacket. close-up.

Nestled in the Addison Road Workshops (SA12 6HZ), the Port Talbot Repair Cafe is where volunteers will breathe new life into your broken items. From kitchen appliances to clothing and bicycles, they’re equipped to fix a wide range of items. And the best part? It’s completely free, though donations are welcome to support this wonderful initiative.

Mark your calendars for the opening day on Saturday, 13th January, from 10 am to 12 pm. Bring along anything that needs fixing, or just drop by to chat and see the magic happen. The welcoming team, led by Rhys Clement, is enthusiastic about meeting and helping you. The next workshop will then be held on Saturday 10th February and then continue on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the same times.


Volunteer at the Port Talbot Repair Cafe

Volunteer at Port Talbot Repair Cafe Rhys Clement (002).jpg

Are you skilled at repairs or simply passionate about helping others? The Repair Cafe is on the lookout for more volunteers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the community, learn new skills, and meet fellow Port Talbot residents.

The Port Talbot Repair Cafe is more than a repair hub; it’s a community space for all of us to connect, support each other, and strengthen our local bonds. It’s where waste reduction, cost-saving, and community spirit come together beautifully.

Interested in joining or learning more? Reach out to Rhys at [email protected]. We think this is a brilliant opportunity for local families to come together, fix things up, and forge new friendships.


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