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Pembrokeshire’s Narberth Is Britain’s Cleanest Town

The Clean Britain Report shows which towns and cities are the cleanest and dirtiest in the UK depending on their commitments to being greener and more sustainable and Narberth in Pembrokeshire has come out tops named as Britain’s Cleanest Town.

After the shocking revelation that London had reached its legal air pollution limit for 2019 in a single month, and that living next to a busy road in the capital is equal to smoking ten cigarettes a day. It brought it home that action is needed, as we may be the last generations to save the planet before we are fixed onto a path of no return.

It’s time to stop talking about the future and time to start acting in the present. How we go about creating a cleaner, eco-friendlier and more responsible impact on our planet is an urgent issue for all of us now.

So local councils have been challenged with coming up with action plans to aid improvement on a massive scale.

The Clean Britain Report is based on a number of factors to determine the best and worst-performing towns. The rankings are defined by:

  • tonnage of recyclable waste received at local collection centres
  • air quality measured in units of PM2.5 (particulate matter in micrograms per cubic metre of air) – which includes emissions from vehicle exhausts, burns, industry and agriculture
  • water quality, measured on how potable and safe from contamination it is from outside sources per number of bodies of water in the borough
  • the number of social media posts published containing relevant keywords like climate change, eco-friendly, sustainability, green, and more

Recycling Narberth

Narberth in Pembrokeshire was named Britain’s cleanest town in The Clean Britain Report based on a number of these factors to determine the best and worst-performing towns.


Narberth Over the Moon

News that Narberth has been judged Britain’s cleanest town has been welcomed by the community’s County Councillor.

Vic Dennis, who represents Narberth on Pembrokeshire County Council, said: “I am delighted for all the residents of Narberth who will be very proud to know that their town has been recognised for its cleanliness.

“I immediately assumed it was recognition for our hard working and popular street cleaner who definitely is the best in Britain!

“We have been supported by the Welsh Government in developing many active travel routes around town and we have just started building the multi-user route from Narberth right out to Blackpool Mill and Bluestone.

“Eventually, it will provide a safer route for walkers, wheelchair users, mobility scooters, cyclists and horse riders.

“If we can get the whole of the community to make the short journeys in town on foot or by cycling it would all contribute to better air quality.”

Councillor Dennis went on: “Pembrokeshire County Council is about to completely update its recycling and waste collections and I am already getting positive messages of support from residents who want to recycle more and make a big difference to the environment. 

“We have had a very active Plastic Free Narberth organisation that has encouraged business to make three pledges to reduce plastic in Narberth.

“I regularly join local volunteers who help to keep our town tidy, with litter picks around town and on the approach roads each month.

“This latest commendation proves that Narberth is an excellent place to grow up, live, work, shop and somewhere very special to visit.”

It would be lovely if we could have more Towns and Villages becoming a fully-functional garden town/village meaning that there would be green links between important amenities, safe cycle routes, an increase in accessible green areas, more allotments (for sustainable living), and a protected greenbelt.

Well Done Narberth, we are proud of you 




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