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Swansea Waste and Recycling Centres Re-Open

All five of Swansea’s Waste and Recycling Centres are due to re-open on Tuesday 26th May, for dispose of certain types of household waste, not including Black Bags, that poses a health and safety risk at home and we have all the info you need to know about the strict new guidelines you need to know about.

When Swansea Waste and Recycling Centres open again you will not be able dispose of all the normal household items in the early stages, so help the sites operate safely and allow for social distancing measures for staff and the visiting public.

You will not need to pre-book a slot, you can just simply turn up and wait your turn to enter, which could result in the people having to wait in long queues.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management has said “Long queues of traffic in other parts of the country have recently led to Councils closing recycling centres shortly after reopening because of traffic concerns. We want to avoid this as well. Residents can play their part by being sensible and only visiting one of our sites if it’s essential to them.”


What Household Items will be Allowed

Initially no Recycling Centre in Swansea will Not be accepting Black Bags.

So that all recycling centres can maintain social distancing they will have to reduce initial demand and this is why to start with they will only be accepting a very limited range of materials, which you can see in the table below


Household Items being accepted at Swansea Recycling Centre 2


This list will be regularly reviewed so you can check on their website before visiting.


New Guidelines for Waste and Recycling Centres

  • Do not visit the recycling centre if you or anyone you are living with is in self-isolation or showing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Only Swansea residents can use the recycling centres so we may check for proof of residence. Please bring a recent utility bill, your driving licence or Council Tax bill along with you when visiting the site.
  • Initially, vans and trailers will NOT be permitted to use the site, even if you have valid permits to use.
  • Ideally only one member of your household should visit. If you need to bring other members of your family, they need to remain inside your vehicle unless they are needed to help carry a heavy item. For example, a single parent could bring their children on site, but the children must remain inside the car.
  • The demand at the recycling centres will be very high. To maintain social distancing, we’re having to limit the number of users disposing of their recycling and waste at any time so expect severe delays getting onto site. We may have to turn you away and ask you to return another time if the queue is going to spill onto the main highway.
  • Please be considerate to local residents and the environment by switching off your engines when waiting in the queue to access the recycling centre.
  • Keep your distance – 2 metres apart from any member of staff or site user.
  • Site staff are not able to assist with moving or off-loading materials.
  • Please be patient during this time and be respectful to members of staff.

You should only visit the recycling centre if it is essential, for example, if waste materials cannot be stored at home without causing risk of injury or harm to health. Please think carefully before you decide to visit the site. Non-essential use puts yourself, other members of the public and our staff at unnecessary risk from spreading the infection.


Click Here to find info about all West Wales Waste and Recycling Centres Guidelines to Re-Opening


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